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2022-10-31 §
15:56 <andrewbogott> shutting down deployment-echostore01, deployment-ms-be0[56], deployment-mdb01, deployment-prometheus02, deployment-wikifeeds01 as per https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T306068 [deployment-prep]
2022-10-17 §
09:41 <wm-bot2> Increased quotas by 4 cores (T320932) - cookbook ran by arturo@nostromo [deployment-prep]
2022-09-21 §
09:46 <andrewbogott> removed some stray whitespace in /var/lib/git/operations/puppet that was preventing rebase on deployment-puppetmaster04.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs [deployment-prep]
2022-08-29 §
21:25 <inflatador> ES6->7 upgrade in beta-cluster T315604 [deployment-prep]
2022-06-24 §
20:52 <taavi> added `denisse` as a member [deployment-prep]
2022-06-20 §
16:30 <urbanecm> add sgimeno as a project member (Growth engineer with need for access) [deployment-prep]
2022-05-23 §
19:21 <inflatador> Deleted deployment-elastic0[5-7] in favor of newer bullseye hosts T299797 [deployment-prep]
2022-05-16 §
19:30 <inflatador> bking@deployment-elastic07 halted deployment-elastic07 in beta ES cluster; will decom on Friday T299797 [deployment-prep]
19:02 <inflatador> bking@deployment-elastic06 halted deployment-elastic06 in beta ES cluster; will decom on Friday T299797 [deployment-prep]
2022-05-14 §
20:25 <urbanecm> add TheresNoTime (samtar) as a project member per request [deployment-prep]
2022-05-13 §
18:58 <inflatador> bking@deployment-elastic05 halted deployment-elastic05 in beta ES cluster; will decom in 1 wk T299797 [deployment-prep]
2022-05-12 §
22:09 <inflatador> bking@deployment-elastic05 banned deployment-elastic05 from beta ES cluster in preparation for decom T299797 [deployment-prep]
2021-11-08 §
09:32 <majavah> Remove rvogel from project members per IRC request [deployment-prep]
2021-10-05 §
12:03 <majavah> root@deployment-cache-text06:~# systemctl restart sssd # T286502 [deployment-prep]
2021-07-28 §
17:53 <andrewbogott> rebooting deployment-logstash03 as it's in an inconsistent config state [deployment-prep]
2021-05-10 §
14:04 <CFisch_WMDE> Improve comment around ReferencePreviews beta cluster default (T271206) [deployment-prep]
14:04 <CFisch_WMDE> Forward renamed config name for improved template search features (T277028) [deployment-prep]
2021-05-05 §
14:17 <CFisch_WMDE> Disable ReferencePreviews beta mode on beta labs (T271206) [deployment-prep]
2021-05-03 §
13:55 <CFisch_WMDE> enable new search features for the template dialog (T271802) [deployment-prep]
2021-04-20 §
07:19 <CFisch_WMDE> enable changes to the descriptions in the VE transclusion dialog (T273425) [deployment-prep]
07:17 <CFisch_WMDE> enable suggested values paramter in TemplateData and VisualEditor (T271825) [deployment-prep]
2021-04-13 §
17:00 <halfak> failed deploy to ORES (connection to host failed) [deployment-prep]
16:57 <halfak> deploying ores f08a3cb [deployment-prep]
07:46 <awight> enable syntax highlighting line numbering on all namespaces (T267911) [deployment-prep]
2021-03-22 §
11:36 <dcaro> Created subzone svc.deployment-prep.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud. (T276624) [deployment-prep]
11:33 <dcaro> Created subzone beta.wmcloud.org (T276624) [deployment-prep]
2021-03-10 §
10:16 <arturo> briefly stopping deployment-puppetdb03 to disable VMX CPU flag [deployment-prep]
2021-03-09 §
13:32 <arturo> hard-reboot deployment-db05 because issues related to T276922 [deployment-prep]
12:34 <arturo> briefly rebooting VM deployment-db05, we need to reboot its hypervisor cloudvirt1038 and failed to migrate to other [deployment-prep]
2021-03-01 §
14:41 <andrewbogott> changed profile::redis::multidc::discovery from 'false' to "" to comply with strict typing in the deployment-memc puppet prefix. [deployment-prep]
2020-12-23 §
19:03 <balloons> resized deployment-puppetdb03 to g2.cores2.ram4.disk40 (T270420) [deployment-prep]
2020-12-16 §
22:00 <mutante> adjusted 'puppet prefix' deployment-jobrunner to use "role::beta::mediawiki::jobrunner" instead of "role::mediawiki::jobrunner" - goes together with gerrit:649707 - no instance currently exists called 'deployment-jobrunner' [deployment-prep]
2020-11-11 §
09:50 <awight> metawiki: Promoting User:Jan Dittrich (WMDE) into centralnoticeadmin... [deployment-prep]
2020-11-09 §
22:18 <awight> metawiki: Promoting User:Jan Dittrich into centralnoticeadmin... [deployment-prep]
2020-10-29 §
17:24 <andrewbogott> signing pending puppet certs for deployment-mediawiki-07.deployment-prep.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud and deployment-mediawiki-09.deployment-prep.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud [deployment-prep]
17:23 <andrewbogott> signing pending puppet certs for deployment-kafka* nodes [deployment-prep]
16:17 <andrewbogott> removing jkroll as a project member; the registered email is invalid so probably this user is no longer involved [deployment-prep]
2020-10-07 §
10:43 <godog> move swift settings out of horizon and into puppet's hieradata [deployment-prep]
2020-08-04 §
22:00 <mdholloway> deleted deployment-chromium01 [deployment-prep]
2020-07-20 §
19:35 <halfak> deploying ores f3c44be [deployment-prep]
2020-07-16 §
17:15 <andrewbogott> added "profile::java::egd_source: /dev/random" to project-wide hiera since lack of that setting seems to be breaking puppet in a lot of places [deployment-prep]
2020-07-14 §
15:28 <bd808> Silenced prometheus alerts for 7d [deployment-prep]
2020-06-24 §
18:56 <halfak> deploying ORES 1b87365 [deployment-prep]
2020-06-23 §
17:15 <bstorm_> to fix puppet on several hosts, setting profile::java::hardened_tls: false in project puppet on horizon [deployment-prep]
17:09 <bstorm_> restarted postgresql on deployment-puppetdb03 [deployment-prep]
17:05 <bstorm_> restarted puppetdb.service on deployment-puppetdb03 [deployment-prep]
2020-06-12 §
08:15 <awight> Granted dewiki-beta sysop to Adamw via commandline [deployment-prep]
07:57 <awight> Update QuickSurveys config [deployment-prep]
2020-06-08 §
18:38 <hauskatze> Rebooting deployment-logstash0[2,3] [deployment-prep]
2020-05-07 §
12:34 <mutante> removing role::labs::lvm::srv from deployment servers since this is now included in role:deployment_server and should neve have been a role in the first place [deployment-prep]