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2020-01-02 §
23:42 <paladox> puppetmaster-1001: ln -s /var/lib/puppet/ssl/private_keys/puppetmaster-1001.devtools.eqiad.wmflabs.pem /var/lib/puppet/server/ssl/private_keys/puppetmaster-1001.devtools.eqiad.wmflabs.pem [devtools]
23:40 <paladox> puppetmaster-1001: ln -s /var/lib/puppet/ssl/certs/puppetmaster-1001.devtools.eqiad.wmflabs.pem /var/lib/puppet/server/ssl/certs/puppetmaster-1001.devtools.eqiad.wmflabs.pem [devtools]
23:35 <mutante> attempting to create local puppetmaster (formerly puppetmaster::self) [devtools]
2019-12-23 §
04:14 <mutante> - turns out instance creation doesn't work using Brave browser but does work using Firefox (T241345) - created phabricator-prod-1001 [devtools]
03:45 <mutante> - creating new instance seems to fail - nothing shows up at all [devtools]
03:42 <mutante> - launching medium sized buster instance gerrit-prod-01 (T236309) [devtools]