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2019-08-02 §
21:02 <bd808> Deleted instance gerrit-test4.gerrit.eqiad.wmflabs. paladox and I think it was unused [gerrit]
21:01 <bd808> Released floating IP from project [gerrit]
21:01 <bd808> Released floating IP from gerrit-test4.gerrit.eqiad.wmflabs [gerrit]
2019-03-07 §
20:55 <paladox> disable puppet on gerrit-test4 (preparing for multi master) [gerrit]
2019-03-05 §
19:37 <paladox> applying role::gerrit to gerrit-test4 [gerrit]
18:27 <bd808> Added BryanDavis (self) as projectadmin to investigate T217681 [gerrit]
16:44 <paladox> creating gerrit-test4 instance (to test a multi master gerrit setup from gerrit-test3) [gerrit]
2017-11-22 §
23:52 <mutante> created new instance gerrit-stretch for staging of gerrit upgrade [gerrit]
2016-08-31 §
18:14 <mutante> gerrit-mysql instance has been setup following docs at https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/P3939 [gerrit]
2016-07-28 §
19:33 <mutante> http://gerrit-test.wmflabs.org/gerrit/ is down [gerrit]