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2019-12-16 §
20:16 <bd808> Building instance mwv-t240875 to test proposed fix for T240875 [mediawiki-vagrant]
2019-10-28 §
02:08 <bd808> Deleted mwv-builder-02 after copying wiki content to new mwv-builder-03 Buster instance (T236530) [mediawiki-vagrant]
2019-10-27 §
21:46 <bd808> Deleted old instances "mwv-stretch-migration", "T183456-jessie", and "T183456-stretch" (T236530) [mediawiki-vagrant]
2018-09-19 §
11:24 <arturo> T204745 webproxies not working due to lxc containers don't working? [mediawiki-vagrant]
09:07 <arturo> T204745 add myself as project admin [mediawiki-vagrant]
08:47 <arturo> T204745 migrating project to eqiad1 [mediawiki-vagrant]
2018-05-05 §
22:47 <bd808> Rebuilding LXC container as stretch (T193818) [mediawiki-vagrant]
2017-12-22 §
16:24 <bd808> Added Zfilipin as project admin to unblock work on T183456 [mediawiki-vagrant]
2017-07-26 §
19:22 <bd808> Started mw-v container on mwv-builder-02.mediawiki-vagrant.eqiad.wmflabs (T168581) [mediawiki-vagrant]
19:21 <bd808> Fixed broken puppet on mwv-builder-02.mediawiki-vagrant.eqiad.wmflabs; exim package had busted apt-get. (T168581) [mediawiki-vagrant]
2017-05-14 §
00:09 <bd808> Built new mwv-builder-02 jessie instance and pointed mediawiki-vagrant-image.wmflabs.org at it [mediawiki-vagrant]
2016-06-09 §
15:28 <bd808> Fixed broken iso image builder by manually running apt for T136146 [mediawiki-vagrant]