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2018-02-04 §
12:21 <chicocvenancio> changed group of all userhome folders to tools.paws [paws]
2017-12-19 §
22:11 <bd808> Killed tiller pod that was in crashloopbackoff [paws]
2017-09-28 §
21:25 <andrewbogott> server docker restart on paws-node-1002; disk is full and docker is holding open a lot of deleted files [paws]
2017-03-20 §
21:25 <andrewbogott> migrating paws-base-01 to labvirt1013 [paws]
2016-05-10 §
20:36 <bd808> Visit https://foo-pawsbase.wmflabs.org/ to see list of wikis in wikifarm [paws]
20:32 <bd808> Fixed hiera config so https://wikidata-pawsbase.wmflabs.org routes correctly [paws]
15:47 <YuviPanda> added bd808 to project and made as admin [paws]