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2020-06-15 §
15:59 <arturo> created DNS record `deploy-hook.paws.wmcloud.org IN CNAME paws.wmcloud.org` (T195217) [paws]
12:27 <arturo> manually created an Ingress object to test routing to the hub (T195217) [paws]
12:20 <arturo> created DNS record `paws.wmcloud.org IN A` (T195217) [paws]
12:18 <arturo> associate floating IP with VM paws-k8s-haproxy-1 (T195217) [paws]
12:18 <arturo> release floating IP not in use: [paws]
12:18 <arturo> release floating IP not in use: [paws]
11:45 <arturo> reset wikitech user password for the service account `paws-dns-manager` to what is in labs/private.git/hieradata/common.yaml `profile::acme_chief::cloud::designate_sync_password` (T195217) [paws]
2020-06-12 §
18:49 <bstorm_> deployed a test of paws chart in the new cluster T211096 [paws]
13:23 <arturo> assigned the DNS zone `paws.wmcloud.org` (T195217) [paws]
13:13 <arturo> live-hacking session in the puppetmaster ended [paws]
13:05 <arturo> live-hacking puppet tree in paws-puppetmaster-01 for T195217 [paws]
11:55 <arturo> `aborrero@cloudcontrol1004:~ $ sudo wmcs-openstack role add --user paws-dns-manager --project paws observer` (T255252) [paws]
11:55 <arturo> `aborrero@cloudcontrol1004:~ $ sudo wmcs-openstack role add --user paws-dns-manager --project paws designateadmin` (T255252) [paws]
11:51 <arturo> created service account `paws-dns-manager` in wikitech (T255252) [paws]
11:31 <arturo> introduced acme-chief private data into labs/private in paws-puppetmaster-01 (T255252) [paws]
11:02 <arturo> created puppet prefix 'paws-acme-chief' (T255252) [paws]
11:01 <arturo> created VM paws-acme-chief-01 (T255252) [paws]
2020-06-11 §
11:11 <arturo> deployed nginx-ingress for some early testing (not definitive) with code https://github.com/crookedstorm/paws/commit/bee62b3fd57f9804aa27e7b8b41fde50bd93df94 (T195217) [paws]
10:15 <arturo> added role (just a label) for ingress nodes: `kubectl label node paws-k8s-ingress-1 kubernetes.io/role=ingress` (T195217) [paws]
2020-06-04 §
14:16 <arturo> added node taints to ingress nodes: `kubectl taint nodes paws-k8s-ingress-1 ingress=true:NoSchedule` (T195217) [paws]
12:18 <arturo> bootstrapped paws-k8s-ingress nodes, added them to the k8s cluster (T195217) [paws]
12:04 <arturo> created `paws-k8s-ingress` puppet prefix and add the `role::wmcs::paws::k8s::worker` role (T195217) [paws]
12:02 <arturo> created 2 medium VM instances: paws-k8s-ingress-1 and paws-k8s-ingress-2 with haproxy anti-affinity (T195217) [paws]
2020-05-26 §
22:34 <bstorm_> restored the deployment for maintain-kubeusers so anyone added to the paws.admin group will have admin on the cluster now that the bug is fixed T211096 T246059 [paws]
22:05 <bstorm_> temporarily deleted the deployment for maintain-kubeusers pending patch to fix context creation for new admin accounts T211096 T246059 [paws]
22:04 <bstorm_> created paws-focused PodSecurityPolicies and the prod namespace in the new cluster T211096 [paws]
22:03 <bstorm_> created paws.admin group and kubernetes admin accounts on the new k8s cluster T211096 T246059 [paws]
18:29 <bstorm_> bootstrapped the new control plane nodes T211096 [paws]
15:27 <bstorm_> updated profile::wmcs::kubeadm::kubernetes_version to 1.16.10 for cluster init T211096 [paws]
2020-05-21 §
23:04 <bstorm_> added profile::wmcs::kubeadm::k8s::encryption_key and profile::wmcs::kubeadm::k8s::node_token to labs/private T211096 [paws]
14:53 <bstorm_> adding the hiera values to horizon for bootstrapping k8s T211096 [paws]
14:39 <arturo> point record `k8s.svc.paws.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud` to `` (which is paws-k8s-control-1, for the initial bootstrap) (T211096) [paws]
12:48 <arturo> created record `k8s.svc.paws.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud` pointing to `` (which is paws-k8s-haproxy-1) (T211096) [paws]
12:34 <arturo> created and transferred DNS zone `svc.paws.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud` (T211096) [paws]
2020-05-20 §
22:35 <bstorm_> created paws-k8s-worker-1/2/3/4 T211096 [paws]
22:12 <bstorm_> created paws-k8s-haproxy-1/2 with antiaffinity group T211096 [paws]
21:36 <bstorm_> created paws-k8s-control-1/2/3 with appropriate sec group and server group T211096 [paws]
18:59 <bstorm_> created anti-affinity group "controlplane" T211096 [paws]
16:38 <bstorm_> deleting the old shut-down VMs from the last effort to rebuild paws T211096 [paws]
16:36 <bstorm_> cleaned up the old DNS entries for the external LBs that have been off for a year [paws]
2020-03-20 §
14:03 <jeh> upgrade paws-puppetmaster-01 to v5 T241719 [paws]
2020-02-14 §
21:31 <andrewbogott> restarting paws-puppetmaster-01 so its clients can connect [paws]
2020-01-09 §
18:06 <bstorm_> rebooting tools-paws-master-01 T242353 [paws]
14:28 <chicocvenancio> shutdown unused instances [paws]
2019-12-13 §
00:27 <bstorm_> rebooting the paws master since it is in a bad state after the openstack maintenance as well. [paws]
2019-11-01 §
21:15 <Krenair> Updated paws-apiserver.wmflabs.org A record list to remove which is not allocated to any instance. The other two A records point to valid instances in the paws project. [paws]
2019-10-23 §
09:03 <arturo> paws-master-01/03 and a couple of other servers are down because hypervisor is rebooting [paws]
2019-10-14 §
22:32 <bd808> Removed project member "Afrodric". Looks like someone added accidentally when trying to make aborrero as project member [paws]
22:31 <bd808> Added Krenair as project member [paws]
2019-05-18 §
11:13 <chicocvenancio> point paws-proxy-02 to tools-paws-worker-1006 on paws-deploy-hook hostname (T218380) [paws]