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2017-02-06 §
22:21 <paladox> completed the migration from phab-01 to phabricator. [phabricator]
22:14 <paladox> Start the migration to phabricator instance (labs) from phab-01. [phabricator]
21:46 <paladox> cherry-picking https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/336304/ [phabricator]
21:35 <paladox> cherry-picking https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/D551 to phabricator [phabricator]
2017-01-24 §
18:45 <paladox> deleting phabricator instance and recreating it, replacing phab-01 with a phabricator instance :) [phabricator]
18:43 <mutante> please stop using phab-01,-03,-05, none of them use puppet. please use instance "phabricator", this actually has the prod role [phabricator]
18:43 <paladox> deleting phab-03 and phab-05 to allow us to create one large instance for replacement for phab-01 (might) [phabricator]
2016-09-30 §
18:49 <paladox> adding EBernhardson to project to help me with elasticsearch testing [phabricator]
2016-09-04 §
10:21 <paladox> reboot phab-01 [phabricator]
2016-07-16 §
16:44 <paladox> installing nodejs and npm on phab-01 [phabricator]
2016-07-15 §
01:03 <paladox> Applied https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/rPHAB9ed0e899b209f4262193d23bad577b778a797bd5 to phab-01 for testing [phabricator]
2016-07-10 §
12:17 <paladox> restarting phab-01 [phabricator]
12:15 <paladox> updating phab-01 to upstream wmf/stable branch for phabricator and arcanist and libphutil [phabricator]
2016-07-07 §
09:57 <paladox> zuul, gerrit and jenkins are all setup now (Thanks hashar for helping me) [phabricator]
2016-07-06 §
08:05 <paladox> Im logging that i fix T139444 by removing role role::phabricator::labs that we doint need for phab-01 [phabricator]
2016-07-05 §
20:40 <paladox> creating phab-03 instance [phabricator]
2016-07-04 §
11:46 <paladox> finished migration (Disabled from loading in apache2 for now) will need to be added in sites-e* now deleting phab-03 instance. [phabricator]
11:41 <paladox> sorry i am migrating it to phab-05 [phabricator]
11:39 <paladox> migrating 50-phabricator.conf from phab-03 to phab-02. [phabricator]
11:38 <paladox> deleting phab-03 instance. To test git redirects please install them on phab-02 instance or git-redirect-01 instance. Reason labs out of space and we can use the rules on the same instance without needing seperate one. [phabricator]
2016-06-30 §
22:51 <mutante> phab-tin now has apache-fast-test to test Apache changes. use phab-03 to change Apache and phab-tin to run the test script from [phabricator]
20:26 <mutante> phab-03 - updated /etc/apache2/sites-available/50-phabricator.conf with file from iridium to match production, restarted apache [phabricator]
20:17 <paladox> adding Danny_B as project and project admin of phabricator instance. [phabricator]
12:34 <paladox> restarting phab-tin [phabricator]
12:25 <paladox> rebooting phabricator instance. [phabricator]
10:23 <paladox> phab-05 all setup now. phab-02.wmflabs.org redirected to the phab-05 server. Url is the same just different server. [phabricator]
10:12 <paladox> running ./bin/storage upgrade on phab-05 [phabricator]
10:00 <paladox> installing apache2 and php5 and phabricator-deployment on phab-05 [phabricator]
09:48 <paladox> phab-02 will need a while to be able to get rid of any settings. Using phab-05 as a replacement and will try again later using phab-02 [phabricator]
09:23 <paladox> i found what the problem is. Recreating phab-02 now. [phabricator]
09:20 <paladox> using phab-05 instead [phabricator]
09:20 <paladox> phab-02 wont set ssh port correctly, using phab-04 as replacement recreating phab-04. [phabricator]
08:54 <paladox> waiting a few mins to recreate phab-02 since it seems to still be set on port 222 which is strange since other ones are set at port 22 [phabricator]
08:37 <paladox> making phab-02 instance a medium size and running trusty. [phabricator]
08:37 <paladox> recreating phab-02 instance should fix ssh issues hopefully. [phabricator]
08:36 <paladox> deleting phab-02 instance. [phabricator]
08:35 <paladox> shutting down phab-02 for maintenance. [phabricator]
2016-06-29 §
21:57 <Luke081515> set alternative file domain @phab-01 to a previous configured domain for this instance (not created by me): https://phabzilla.wmflabs.org [phabricator]
21:36 <paladox> phab-01 bumping innodb_buffer_pool_size to 1600M (1.6gb) and some other mysql optimisation. [phabricator]
21:31 <Luke081515> enabled wikimedias phabricator-extensions @phab-01 [phabricator]
21:25 <paladox> phab-04 and phab-05 have been deleted by chasemp per <chasemp> I'm killing 04 and 05 [phabricator]
21:16 <paladox> phab-01 all setup now closing T137270 as resolved, uptime has improved now too :). [phabricator]
21:11 <Luke081515> set mysql password @phab-01 [phabricator]
20:57 <Luke081515> configured https correctly for phabricator at phab-01 [phabricator]
19:52 <paladox> installing apache2 and php5 on phab-02 [phabricator]
19:44 <paladox> recreating phab-01 as a large size. [phabricator]
19:41 <paladox> deleting phab-01 instance due to it not starting. [phabricator]
2016-05-12 §
19:59 <bd808> Added BryanDavis (self) as admin for testing diffusion.repository.edit API [phabricator]
2016-03-23 §
01:48 <Krenair> Unbroken puppet by dropping local commits, at least some of these were already merged to master. Not sure about 2f5e74c65e399fd5ecfb4d3a6eade28c191113ff or 46831af9a4e433d1caec82a8fbc881e2a6d8427d [phabricator]
2016-02-15 §
22:54 <andrewbogott> Andrew encourages future puppet hackers to commit their local changes so that this mess doesn’t reappear [phabricator]