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2019-05-06 §
19:43 <mutante> phragile-pro: deleting /var/lib/phragile/composer and contents, deploying gerrit:507084 to reclone it for T218844 [phragile]
2018-12-19 §
15:04 <andrewbogott> moving instances to eqiad1-r [phragile]
2018-02-27 §
21:28 <mutante> - also fixed permissions on /var/lib/phragile/phragile and let phragile user write to it. chown root:phragile compiled.php ; chmod g+w compiled.php | Manually ran composer install command as phragile with right env. Now puppet agent run was fixed (at least once) but it changes permissions back. [phragile]
21:14 <mutante> - now new ErrorException. fopen(/var/lib/phragile/phragile/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied (and that ./bootstrap/ path doesn't exit) [phragile]
21:13 <mutante> - fixed permission issues which were root cause for PHP Fatal error on "composer install" | chown www-data:phragile laravel-2018-02-27.log and ./storage/logs dirs above it [phragile]
21:03 <mutante> - composer install fails because: HP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'UnexpectedValueException' with message 'The stream or file "/var/lib/phragile/phragile/storage/logs/laravel-2018-02-27.log" could not be opened [phragile]
20:56 <mutante> - puppet tries to run "composer install" but that fails with return code 255 - that leads to dependency issues and ultimately "Info: Class[Phragile]: Unscheduling all events on Class[Phragile]" and that means i can't apply the changes from gerrit:415092 even though it looks like puppet is running [phragile]