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2011-12-13 ยง
23:40 <binasher> restarted pdns on dobson [production]
20:59 <nikerabbit> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/WebFonts/resources/ext.webfonts.js 'Updating font urls' [production]
20:55 <nikerabbit> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/WebFonts/fonts/ 'touching all font files' [production]
20:48 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/WebFonts/fonts/Orya/utkal.ttf 'touch' [production]
20:45 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/WebFonts/fonts/Orya/utkal.ttf 'touch' [production]
20:34 <RoanKattouw> Actually running Puppet on the bits Apaches now [production]
20:28 <RoanKattouw> Manually running Puppet on all bits Apaches using dsh [production]
19:58 <RoanKattouw> Removed spence from the mediawiki-installation node list [production]
19:45 <neilk> synchronizing Wikimedia installation... : deploying VisualEditor, also deploying some new JS libs and associated tests and messages to core which were taken from UploadWizard [production]
19:43 <neilk> synchronized wmf-config/extension-list 'added VisualEditor' [production]
19:42 <neilk> synchronized wmf-config/ExtensionMessages-1.18.php 'added VisualEditor' [production]
18:51 <Reedy> fixExtLinksProtocolRelative is upto enwiki [production]
18:18 <notpeter> stopping puppet on brewster again. again, please let me know if you want to restart it... [production]
17:15 <apergos> thumb cleaner went to bed late... maybe I should set an alarm to remind me :-/ [production]
16:58 <Reedy> Running foreachwiki fixExtLinksProtocolRelative in screen on fenari as reedy [production]
16:56 <Reedy> fixExtLinksProtocolRelative run on meta [production]
16:49 <Reedy> fixExtLinksProtocolRelative run on mw.org and simplewiki [production]
15:07 <mutante> spence - copied sudoers file from fenari to allow "admins to run commands as apache, mwdeploy and l10nupdate" and wikidev = admins [production]
14:47 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'wgNarayamUseBetaMapping' [production]
14:46 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Add wmgNarayamUseBetaMapping' [production]
12:38 <mutante> rolling kernel and security upgrades on amssq31-35 [production]
11:52 <mutante> spence still slow, restarted nagios (as opposed to just reloading) [production]
11:03 <mutante> spence changed check_interval for check_job_queue from 1 to 15 (min) as it takes ~5 minutes to complete currently - reloaded nagios [production]
10:52 <mutante> check_job_queue Nagios check finally works again :) - but why do we check for "3rd biggest" (fix me) [production]
10:43 <RoanKattouw> Added spence to fenari:/etc/dsh/group/mediawiki-installation [production]
10:41 <mutante> spence - "chown -R mwdeploy:mwdeploy /usr/local/apache/common-local" per Roan, sync-common again, finished fine..after a while. (spence had really outdated copy of MW source tree) [production]
10:31 <mutante> ran sync-common from spence and got a ton of permission errors [production]
10:29 <mutante> spence added root to sudoers to fix sync-common [production]
10:25 <mutante> spence created mwdeploy user to fix sync-common [production]
10:17 <mutante> spence - fix comment style in apc.ini (# -> //) to get rid of 'PHP Deprecated' messages - install php-apc for check_job_queue [production]
10:11 <mutante> copied script files provided by wikimedia-task-appserver from fenari to spence [production]
06:59 <apergos> thumb cleaner back at work for the day on ms5 [production]
05:38 <nikerabbit> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/WebFonts/resources/ext.webfonts.js 'bugfix for webfonts: [[rev:105989|r105989]]' [production]
04:34 <RobH> blog.wikimedia.org rolled to wp3.3 successfully [production]
02:38 <notpeter> belay that. running just fine. just hella slow. [production]
02:36 <notpeter> puppet currently not completing runs on spence. not going to try to divine root cause this late at night [production]
02:28 <notpeter> restarting puppet on brewster [production]
01:29 <notpeter> removing a couple of binlogs from db9 to try to get it through until it's replaced.... [production]
01:13 <tstarling> synchronized php-1.18/includes/MagicWord.php [production]
01:04 <Ryan_Lane> switching ssl certificate to digicert certificate for wikipedia [production]
00:46 <Ryan_Lane> enabling https for *.m.wikipedia.org [production]
00:46 <Ryan_Lane> repooling ssl1001 [production]
00:28 <Ryan_Lane> restarted pybal on lvs1004 for mobile ssl and mobile svc services [production]
00:27 <Ryan_Lane> make that lvs1001 [production]
00:27 <Ryan_Lane> restarted pybal on ssl1001 for mobile ssl and mobile svc services [production]
00:15 <Ryan_Lane> depooling ssl1001 for testing [production]
00:15 <LeslieCarr> depooling and restarting ssl1001 withnew cert [production]
00:14 <LeslieCarr> pushing out new digicert certificate for *.wikipedia.org [production]
00:12 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/CodeReview/ 'Reverting CR back to previous state' [production]
00:02 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/CodeReview/backend/DiffHighlighter.php [production]