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2011-12-27 §
21:21 <catrope> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/ArticleFeedbackv5/modules/ext.articleFeedbackv5/ext.articleFeedbackv5.startup.js '[[rev:107427|r107427]]' [production]
19:39 <LeslieCarr> removed puppetdlock on brewster [production]
19:04 <LeslieCarr> removing manual localhost accept all iptables rule on locke (replacing with puppetized rule) [production]
18:39 <Ryan_Lane> clearing some logs on brewster and restarting lighttpd and squid [production]
18:21 <Jeff_Green> powercycled kaulen yet again [production]
17:47 <LeslieCarr> removed file�s out of srv223's /tmp directory to free up its space [production]
17:15 <mark> Power cycled amslvs3 [production]
17:06 <apergos> powercycled kaulen, it was (presumably) swapping away. report.cgi was to blame [production]
13:45 <nikerabbit> synchronizing Wikimedia installation... : I18ndeploy [[rev:107378|r107378]] [production]
13:07 <nikerabbit> synchronized wmf-config/ 'cs gender aliases [[bugzilla:33367|bug 33367]]' [production]
02:01 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Tue Dec 27 02:04:40 UTC 2011 [production]
2011-12-26 §
19:59 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/ConfirmEdit/FancyCaptcha.class.php '[[rev:107340|r107340]]' [production]
18:08 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/ArticleFeedback/SpecialArticleFeedback.php '[[rev:107332|r107332]] To fix fatal in prod' [production]
02:02 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Mon Dec 26 02:05:32 UTC 2011 [production]
2011-12-25 §
19:32 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/flaggedrevs.php '[[bugzilla:29742|bug 29742]] Some tweaks to FR config for fiwiki' [production]
02:01 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Sun Dec 25 02:04:23 UTC 2011 [production]
2011-12-24 §
22:29 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 33200 - Enable Autopatrol user group and RC patol for sa wiki' [production]
22:21 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 33291 Add autopatrolled flag right on sa.wikipedia' [production]
22:17 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php '[[bugzilla:33137|bug 33137]] Add transwiki namespace' [production]
22:15 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php '[[bugzilla:33137|bug 33137]] adding import sources for ptwikinews' [production]
22:00 <Reedy> Created flaggedrevs tables on ukwiki [production]
21:59 <reedy> synchronized docroot/wikipedia.org/favicon-si.ico [production]
21:46 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'kill tenwiki setting' [production]
17:04 <reedy> synchronized closed.dblist 'Add tenwiki to closed.dblist per [[bugzilla:33185|bug 33185]]' [production]
17:02 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php '[[bugzilla:32641|bug 32641]]' [production]
16:50 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Part of [[bugzilla:33137|bug 33137]] Enable GoogleNewsSitemap on ptwikinews' [production]
16:46 <reedy> synchronized closed.dblist 'Locking readerfeedback.l.w.o per bg 33229' [production]
16:43 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 33042 - Set wgBabelMainCategory to false for nlwiki' [production]
02:03 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Sat Dec 24 02:06:03 UTC 2011 [production]
2011-12-23 §
16:34 <mutante> kswapd crashed, there is a Call Trace, and there was a load spike before, guess it is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/721896 or similar [production]
16:27 <mutante> first interesting syslog line when it started: formey kernel: [39665413.570024] INFO: task kswapd0:36 blocked for more than 120 seconds. [production]
16:10 <mutante> gerrit and svn back up [production]
16:07 <mutante> gerrit stopped working and formey would still ping but no ssh connect and no mgmt output, powercycling formey [production]
02:07 <binasher> db9 maintenance completed [production]
02:02 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Fri Dec 23 02:05:19 UTC 2011 [production]
01:57 <binasher> starting db9 maintenance - services will be unavailable for approx 15 minutes [production]
00:08 <hashar> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/WikimediaIncubator/IncubatorTest.php 'deploy [[rev:107120|r107120]] - ([[bugzilla:32772|bug 32772]]) fix up MoodBar and WikiLove on WIkimedia Incubator' [production]
2011-12-22 §
23:43 <maplebed> put owa1-3 in as container servers, took ms1-3 out for pmtpa test swift cluster [production]
20:56 <neilk> synchronized p/resources/mediawiki/mediawiki.feedback.js [production]
20:45 <Ryan_Lane> *date [production]
20:45 <Ryan_Lane> bringing mediawiki on virt1 up to daye [production]
20:24 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Re-enable Contest extension' [production]
20:10 <mark> Turned off puppet dashboard reporting [production]
15:07 <apergos> er, on srv219, that is. [production]
15:07 <apergos> cleaned out tmp but... see, there really was only today's stuff in there so it's making me nervous [production]
14:15 <31NAAAO2O> hashar: testswarm: deleted mobile jobs requests since they are now disabled [production]
12:30 <mark> Made swift thumb seeder fetch from the squids instead of ms5, as a performance test [production]
05:10 <Ryan_Lane> finished creating all puppet configuration groups, classes, and variables. It's safe to configure and create instances again. [production]
04:40 <Ryan_Lane> upping version of OpenStackManager on virt1 to match development. configuration and creation of instances should be avoided. [production]
02:04 <binasher> db9 is writable again [production]