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2018-09-21 §
23:17 <mutante> deleting unused instance trusty-update (T204558) [puppet]
23:16 <mutante> deleting unused instance puppet-mailman (T204558) [puppet]
2018-09-17 §
23:21 <mutante> shut down instance trusty-update (T204558) [puppet]
23:15 <mutante> shut down trusty instance "puppet-mailman" (T204558) [puppet]
2018-08-30 §
19:15 <mutante> granting project-admin to cwhite [puppet]
19:14 <mutante> adding member cwhite [puppet]
2017-07-22 §
10:48 <valhallasw`cloud> puppet agent -tv is still broken; ran git stash, ran puppet agent -tv. ssh-user-key-lookup now works again, which should allow ema to login and clean up the puppet repository :-) [puppet]
10:45 <valhallasw`cloud> ran git pull && git stash && git rebase origin/production on puppet-ema.puppet.eqiad.wmflabs && git stash apply on puppet-ema ; had to manually merge modules/base/manifests/kernel.pp [puppet]
2017-07-19 §
21:39 <bd808> Synced puppet with upstream, forced puppet run, restarted nscd and nslcd [puppet]
2016-04-06 §
13:36 <andrewbogott> deleting puppet-certchange instance [puppet]