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2022-05-17 §
12:23 <Rook> Deploying: 791606: Return 404 on query ids that do not exist | https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/analytics/quarry/web/+/791606 e19b0a5e706f7e853f66b0d376c43cd499d8a0e2 [quarry]
12:15 <Rook> Deploying: 792277: query.py: Make quarry history descending | https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/analytics/quarry/web/+/792277 538d322ffd18dd7ad1e53644cffc3946d1c42990 [quarry]
2022-05-16 §
17:32 <Rook> 788438: Use vars.qrun_id when stopping query | https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/analytics/quarry/web/+/788438 43f7f0c9f56ac01f1a92b200769ddbe782055381 [quarry]
15:48 <Rook> 176506: Remember recent queries filter last used by a user. | https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/analytics/quarry/web/+/176506 3763507f1f7faa3bb44b196046fc5d153ce03924 [quarry]
15:26 <Rook> deploying link to database names https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/analytics/quarry/web/+/752034 6322dc735d465b9e6e65032a60aabf129d3073bc [quarry]
15:17 <Rook> deploying entry for blank queries https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/analytics/quarry/web/+/791779 92de0d5737b4d7a611e4eb635794988f818ce4cd [quarry]
15:09 <Rook> deploying truncation for history entries 9ac970d861c5c12dbbafb065ce45ad1ba4fd5fec [quarry]
2022-04-18 §
18:34 <Rook> update phab links to prefilled ticket https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T303028 [quarry]
17:30 <Rook> exposing query history https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T100982 [quarry]
2022-04-04 §
13:00 <taavi> delete quarry-db-01 [quarry]
2022-03-25 §
12:04 <dcaro> rebooting quarry-worker-04.quarry.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud due to stuck nfs (T304681) [quarry]
2022-03-21 §
17:30 <Rook> updating home page link to profile T85175 [quarry]
2022-02-20 §
19:49 <andrewbogott> moving nfs service from quarry-nfs-1 (bullseye) to quarry-nfs-2 (buster), testing to see if T302154 is a kernal or nfs-version issue [quarry]
19:23 <taavi> hard rebooted quarry-nfs-1 again T302154 [quarry]
2022-02-19 §
14:04 <taavi> reboot quarry-nfs-1 T302154 [quarry]
2022-02-11 §
21:11 <andrewbogott> switching shared nfs project dir (again) to internal nfs server quarry-nfs-1 [quarry]
2022-02-10 §
19:13 <andrewbogott> rebooting all VMs to switch to new NFS server [quarry]
2022-01-29 §
23:42 <taavi> deploying https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/analytics/quarry/web/+/749756/ [quarry]
2021-09-27 §
17:23 <mdipietro> added stopped status T289349 [quarry]
2021-09-07 §
13:10 <mdipietro> tab will close autocomplete window T289872 [quarry]
2021-09-03 §
17:39 <andrewbogott> restarting celery workers and reloading web UI to pick up timeout changes [quarry]
16:45 <bstorm> set live wait_timeout variable to 28800 (the default) on the trove instance T290291 [quarry]
2021-09-01 §
21:56 <andrewbogott> switched /srv/quarry to branch 'master' on quarry-worker-03, quarry-worker-04, quarry-web-02 [quarry]
18:26 <bstorm> started instance quarry-dbbackup-01 T289568 [quarry]
13:07 <mdipietro> Updated to Debian Buster/python 3.7 T288528 [quarry]
2021-08-16 §
10:25 <dcaro> Reverting deploy of T287471 - saved queries fail to show the DB field, will open a task [quarry]
10:21 <dcaro> Deploying T287471 2/2 - updating code on the web and worker servers [quarry]
10:19 <dcaro> Deploying T287471 1/2 - creating DB index [quarry]
2021-05-06 §
17:57 <bstorm> restarting web service to remove banner for wikireplicas upgrade [quarry]
17:48 <bstorm> cleared out tmp files created by quarry web service that had filled the disk with find T282171 [quarry]
2021-04-23 §
18:51 <Framawiki> ran apt updates without issues on all 4 servers. T266386 looks fixed. [quarry]
2021-04-07 §
21:06 <bstorm> deploying regex fixes T278715 [quarry]
2021-04-02 §
09:05 <Framawiki> shutdown quarry-dev server, normally unused now [quarry]
2021-03-26 §
19:27 <bstorm> deploying changes to the replica class and restarting things T278544 [quarry]
2021-03-25 §
22:15 <bstorm> removing the querykiller role T264254 [quarry]
22:02 <bstorm> restarting celery worker processes to fix connection cleanup T264254 [quarry]
22:01 <bstorm> restarting web interface for a small fix for the database field display T264254 [quarry]
2021-03-23 §
21:45 <bstorm> restarting quarry services for the meta_p and centralauth issue T264254 [quarry]
19:17 <bstorm> finished updating quarry for multiinstance replicas T264254 [quarry]
18:51 <bstorm> running the multiinstance migration script T264254 [quarry]
18:45 <bstorm> stopping the quarry web service for the upgrade process [quarry]
18:43 <bstorm> `git stash`ing the in-place test of sentinel in the code checkout [quarry]
15:08 <dcaro> systemctl restart mariadb on quarry-db-01 brought it back to life (T278230) [quarry]
14:53 <andrewbogott> service mariadb start on quarry-db-01 [quarry]
2021-02-20 §
13:18 <wm-bot> framawiki: Deployed f51f9a9 on -web-01 T275277 (not yet merged) [quarry]
11:09 <wm-bot> framawiki: Deployed 15a315a on -web-01 T254847 (`Update document title on title change`) [quarry]
2021-02-15 §
19:24 <Reedy> stash'd patch saved to quarry-web-01.quarry.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud:/root/T274815.patch T274815 [quarry]
19:22 <Reedy> T274815 filed with the login failure traceback [quarry]
19:21 <Reedy> re-enabled puppet on quarry-web-01.quarry.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud as it had been disabled for a week [quarry]
19:20 <Reedy> `git stash` framawiki changes as it was breaking login [quarry]