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2024-02-26 §
14:35 <TheresNoTime> deployment-prep, starting the creation of `deployment-db14` per https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Nova_Resource:Deployment-prep/Databases for T358329 [releng]
2024-02-23 §
16:26 <pmiazga> executing mwscript update.php --wiki=aawiki --quick --skip-config-validation to check if this is going to timeout as it timeouts in `beta-update-databases-eqiad` Jenkins job [releng]
12:30 <jnuche> temporarily disabled https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/job/beta-update-databases-eqiad/ until it can be troubleshooted [releng]
2024-02-22 §
16:35 <hashar> Reloaded Zuul to enable Sonar Codehealth on ContactPage, Disambiguator, FlaggedRevs and ReadingLists # T321837 [releng]
16:15 <dancy> gitlab-cloud-runners upgraded to v16.7.1 [releng]
2024-02-21 §
18:12 <hashar> Reloaded Zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/1005564 [releng]
2024-02-20 §
21:07 <James_F> Zuul: Remove Parsoid dependency on Cite, Disambiguator, and ImageMap, for T354215 [releng]
2024-02-19 §
15:28 <jnuche> reload zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/1003437 [releng]
10:40 <hashar> Updated Jenkins jobs for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/1004622 [releng]
10:25 <hashar> Updating docker-pkg files on contint primary for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/1004245 [releng]
10:06 <hashar> Reloaded Zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/1004099 # T355194 [releng]
02:57 <TimStarling> on deployment-deploy03 running foreachwiki maintenance/migrateBlocks.php again (T355034, T357366) [releng]
02:54 <TimStarling> on deployment-deploy03 truncate tables block and block_target on all beta wikis T357366 [releng]
2024-02-14 §
14:50 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/vendor] Test composer lint with PHP 8.0+ too for T300463 T316078 T352085 T353362 [releng]
2024-02-13 §
21:50 <brennen> add kostajh to acl*phabricator per T355405 [releng]
2024-02-12 §
19:57 <dancy> Attempting to reboot deployment-parsoid12.deployment-prep [releng]
19:53 <dancy> Updating development images on contint primary for T349201 [releng]
15:06 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/VisualData] Enable basic quibble CI [releng]
15:01 <James_F> Add BlueSpiceVisualEditorConnector as dependency to BlueSpiceQrCode [releng]
14:56 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/PlaceNewSection] Place in right section [releng]
2024-02-09 §
15:05 <James_F> Zuul: Do not test patches having CR+2 for T357080 [releng]
12:48 <Krinkle> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/999701 [releng]
12:43 <Krinkle> Reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/999694 [releng]
2024-02-08 §
22:41 <TimStarling> on deployment-deploy03 running foreachwiki maintenance/migrateBlocks.php for T355034 [releng]
20:32 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/tools/phan] Enable PHP 8.2 & 8.3 jobs [releng]
2024-02-07 §
15:15 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/AutoModerator] Add prod template [releng]
14:58 <taavi> reload zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/998386 [releng]
2024-02-06 §
20:42 <hashar> Reloaded Zuul for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/997895 [releng]
14:57 <hashar> Reloaded Zuul to enable Sonar Codehealth on CentralNotice, Citoid, cldr and TemplateWizard # T321837 [releng]
2024-02-05 §
19:34 <dancy> Disable https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/job/beta-scap-sync-world/ while dealing with storage space issues on deployment-mediawiki12.deployment-prep.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud [releng]
19:04 <James_F> jforrester@deployment-mediawiki12:/srv/mediawiki/php-master/cache/l10n/upstream$ sudo rm -rf .~tmp~/ # Clean up disk usage spotted by Dancy [releng]
2024-02-04 §
00:03 <James_F> [18:54:23] <+wikibugs> (PS1) Jforrester: Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/DiscordRCFeed] Install basic CI [releng]
2024-02-03 §
22:08 <James_F> sudo -u doc-uploader rm -rf /srv/doc/cover-extensions/GettingStarted/ # T292654 [releng]
2024-02-02 §
21:03 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/ReadingLists] Enable Mocha tests for T355648 [releng]
2024-02-01 §
17:19 <James_F> Revert "Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/WikiLambda] Run selenium tests again [releng]
15:29 <James_F> Zuul: [mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor] Re-add DiscussionTools dependency CC T319202 [releng]
15:24 <James_F> Zuul: [mw/ext/BlueSpiceBookshelf] Add dependency on MenuEditor [releng]
2024-01-31 §
17:48 <MatmaRex> (output: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/P54503#226547) [releng]
17:45 <MatmaRex> matmarex@deployment-mwmaint02:~$ mwscript DiscussionTools:persistRevisionThreadItems --wiki=metawiki --all --current [releng]
17:44 <MatmaRex> matmarex@deployment-mwmaint02:~$ mwscript DiscussionTools:persistRevisionThreadItems --wiki=enwiktionary --all --current [releng]
13:48 <urbanecm> deployment-prep: Create `wikimedia_campaign_events_grant` DB table in wikishared (T348444) [releng]
12:02 <hashar> Force updating tags in the CI git mirrors for T356247: sudo cumin --force 'name:docker' "/usr/bin/find /srv/git -type d -name '*.git' -exec git -C {} fetch origin --prune --prune-tags --force \;" [releng]
2024-01-30 §
17:40 <brennen> phab1004: testing public_task_dump.py tweaks, take 3 [releng]
10:16 <jnuche> CI Jenkins update to 2.426.3 complete [releng]
10:12 <jnuche> updating CI Jenkins version to 2.426.3 to address vulnerabilities [releng]
2024-01-29 §
23:05 <brennen> phab1004: testing public_task_dump.py tweaks, take 2 (write dump to /home/brennen to avoid any potential non-public task leaks if logic is wrong) [releng]
21:59 <brennen> phab1004: testing public_task_dump.py tweaks [releng]
21:10 <James_F> Zuul: Add selenium experimental job to extension-quibble-noselenium [releng]
21:01 <dancy> Created gitlab-mentions-bot account on GitLab (T289712) [releng]
2024-01-27 §
21:35 <taavi> reload zuul for 993234 [releng]