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2017-01-25 §
13:30 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: 8c75342 [tools.heritage]
2017-01-09 §
21:57 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: 3639bb0 (T153746), daee265 (T153842), 282b912, 6fd681c, e00ba31 (T154857) [tools.heritage]
2016-12-21 §
09:34 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: 26a5049 (T137882) [tools.heritage]
2016-11-30 §
16:12 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: 0ecce3e, 095108c, d452948, f8922c9, a6d9634, 4ab4148, d9afa6b [tools.heritage]
2016-11-08 §
16:17 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: a70289c (T149258), c7eb06a, b5aeb29, 828e309 [tools.heritage]
2016-10-26 §
23:03 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: c943e89, e3ba148, 063f9e2 (T148772 & T148773), 1db9f42, fe119e1, de2e590, 82147b8, f6ff350 & 63a1819 (T140795) [tools.heritage]
2016-10-19 §
20:42 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: 213b4a9 (T132644) [tools.heritage]
20:15 <JeanFred> Deploy latest from Git master: 9f67e94, c64c22e, a21517e [tools.heritage]
2016-10-12 §
09:15 <JeanFred> Deployed master from Git: dce7434, 8bfba2a (T145333), faa356e, f87cb70 (T145574), 64ea088 (T143573), 8187df6 (T132641), 26171fe (T138633) [tools.heritage]
2016-09-30 §
19:22 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 08ea28d, fb856b4, 867a229, a454375 [tools.heritage]
2016-09-29 §
10:48 <JeanFred> Manually run populate_image_table.py to populate https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Monuments_database/Indexed_images/Statistics [tools.heritage]
2016-09-22 §
16:29 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest from Git, 2969082, cb1b318 (T114166) [tools.heritage]
08:00 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest from Git, f439ac4, fab9a23, ff37691, 241a27a, 0a45ad0, 1a526a5, 23ce89e (T144772) [tools.heritage]
2016-09-21 §
13:41 <Lokal_Profil> Reverting local changes to categorize_images.py (T146278). The CI mechanisms are there for a reason [tools.heritage]
2016-09-16 §
13:04 <JeanFred> Deactivate categorisation for ('it', 'it') as some Wikimedia Commons users are unhappy with it. [tools.heritage]
09:40 <Lokal_Profil> Added ka.wikipedia to pywikibot user_config [tools.heritage]
2016-09-02 §
16:24 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 1603efb (T142570) [tools.heritage]
2016-08-31 §
20:27 <JeanFred> Pulled latest pywikibot (branch 2.0) from Git: 8 commits, including fix for T144438. [tools.heritage]
20:02 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 22496d6 (T143481), c964df5, 00ccf8a, 1891ee0, 4458eeb, 55fea41 [tools.heritage]
2016-08-09 §
07:39 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest from Git, 768b3ac, 30e33ca, 8d7de41 (T141505) [tools.heritage]
2016-08-08 §
09:06 <Lokal_Profil> Updating pywikibot (37 commits) [tools.heritage]
2016-08-01 §
10:56 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 6763dbb and dadf805 (T141757) [tools.heritage]
07:54 <Lokal_Profil> (correction to last line) Deployed latest from Git, 5fe42fe (T111618), 1ec3530, 9a630b5 (T139258) [tools.heritage]
07:53 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest from Git, 5fe42fe (5fe42fe), 1ec3530, 9a630b5 (T139258) [tools.heritage]
2016-07-26 §
13:42 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 0c848e6 (T140488) [tools.heritage]
08:30 <Lokal_Profil> Add sq.wikipedia to pywikibot user_config [tools.heritage]
2016-07-25 §
13:30 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: ff61234, 112c14f, 7e98153, b614e78, aafc788 & 3222df9 (T140795), baad88c, ac388ee [tools.heritage]
2016-07-13 §
09:08 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest from Git, 38363cb, 6117b13 (T139267), 96af0dc, 20d6da6 [tools.heritage]
2016-07-07 §
22:26 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 1022e80, ad29828, 7ab4bcf, 48c96b4 (T139580), f29995d (T138633), 92f9234 [tools.heritage]
22:22 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 6e6cc59 [tools.heritage]
2016-07-06 §
14:28 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 6e6cc59 [tools.heritage]
11:23 <yuvipanda> restarting tool with 'webservice stop' 'webservice --backend=kubernetes start' [tools.heritage]
11:16 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 3323de1 and 6d20267 (T138513) [tools.heritage]
2016-07-04 §
00:22 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 2f9024e [tools.heritage]
2016-07-03 §
15:16 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 76383f9 [tools.heritage]
14:44 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 1fdeff6 [tools.heritage]
13:01 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 0154a31, 9a4d05b, 4b6c343, 39c5409 (T138633) [tools.heritage]
2016-06-30 §
18:43 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 795a396 (T136351), 4c8d9e3, e09e3d7 (T138519), 7840307, 4bdddd0 (T138606) [tools.heritage]
2016-06-24 §
22:48 <Lokal_Profil> Recreated source tables (T138606) [tools.heritage]
2016-06-23 §
15:33 <JeanFred> Added column wd_item to monuments_all, by copying monuments_all to tmp, alter table, and rename back to avoid locks. (T55808) [tools.heritage]
14:33 <JeanFred> Running 'ALTER TABLE `monuments_all` ADD COLUMN `wd_item` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL;' ; taking a while... [tools.heritage]
14:27 <JeanFred> Stopped webservice, restarted and tying on trusty (`webservice --release=trusty start`) [tools.heritage]
14:24 <JeanFred> Monuments API currently down because of PHP 5.5 syntax, and host running 5.3 [tools.heritage]
14:01 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 4030533, bb95d23 (T55808), bd96bbd (T138377), 0a3247d, be9b1a9 (T134764) [tools.heritage]
09:42 <multichill> Added the fa Wikipedia account for Pywikibot. This should fix the broken unused image job [tools.heritage]
2016-06-22 §
16:56 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 76c6dd6c (T138377) [tools.heritage]
15:42 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 4be4f04, c280649, d667e19 (T136566 & T137543), e867c45, 0a09a20 [tools.heritage]
2016-06-10 §
14:09 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 74d9086 [tools.heritage]
10:30 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: d25eda5 (T136704) [tools.heritage]
2016-06-06 §
15:46 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: b77b7c2 (T137096) [tools.heritage]