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2016-06-03 §
14:00 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 5ca0fdc, 688141a, 1af3b3d, 0262786, d812cdf (T134565) [tools.heritage]
2016-05-23 §
12:50 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest from Git, 50915bf (T55688) [tools.heritage]
2016-05-18 §
10:50 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 39780e2, 977c07f, 5f4532c, b7b297b (T135502 & T55688), 476267f (T39422) [tools.heritage]
2016-05-12 §
13:04 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: ebcd48c (T134727) [tools.heritage]
2016-05-09 §
11:15 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: 4f82b32 (T134728) [tools.heritage]
2016-05-06 §
19:47 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest pywikibot-core/2.0 from Git [tools.heritage]
19:26 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest from Git, a724279 , d9ae73d (reverts 766d814 ) [tools.heritage]
18:42 <Lokal_Profil> Deployed latest from Git, 2d3ee40 (T39974), 766d814, e2fac07 and d2c242a (T39422) [tools.heritage]
14:58 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: e5a9f01 and d509343 (T134567) [tools.heritage]
12:15 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git: db46042, c765e76, b5a731a, 7c27207, d4de720 (T134236), e7823ab & c83003b (T132647), 615ab28 [tools.heritage]
2016-04-20 §
13:00 <JeanFred> Deployed latest from Git, 48bce77 and dfbff9b (T132029) [tools.heritage]
2016-04-01 §
22:51 <multichill2> JeanFred did a git pull for [[Phab:T131344]] and others [tools.heritage]
2016-03-31 §
09:14 <multichill> Commented out the Russian Wikipedia in user-config.py for [[Phab:T131344]] [tools.heritage]
2016-03-16 §
20:45 <multichill> jsubbed populate_image_table.py for https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T130107 (see crontab -l for exact command) [tools.heritage]
2015-08-30 §
14:38 <multichill> Made local change to unused_images.py to get it to work, see https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T110829 [tools.heritage]
09:14 <multichill> Updated ~/pywikibot to latest version, but still getting a FamilyMaintenanceWarning [tools.heritage]
2015-08-22 §
13:35 <JeanFred> After backporting all local changes to Gerrit, updating local checkout to latest Git version. [tools.heritage]