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2022-02-17 §
15:19 <bd808> Made tools.admin a co-maintainer; granted taavi and acl*wmcs-team full access to diffusion repo [tools.k8s-status]
2021-02-08 §
15:24 <bstorm> restarted service T274002 [tools.k8s-status]
2020-07-06 §
22:56 <wm-bot> <root> Migrated .webservicerc to service.template (T257229) [tools.k8s-status]
2020-05-05 §
00:23 <wm-bot> <bd808> Updated to force traffic to k8s-status.toolforge.org [tools.k8s-status]
2020-02-06 §
11:02 <arturo> requires creating the ingress object by hand. Will leave that to the tool author (bryan) (T234617) [tools.k8s-status]
10:59 <arturo> restarted webservice to test how it works with latest front proxy changes (T234617) [tools.k8s-status]