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2019-10-17 §
12:30 <Lucas_WMDE> $ npm run build-storybook && tar -C storybook-static -c . | ssh toolforge "sudo -i -u tools.wikibase-databridge-storybook sh -c 'rm -rf www/static/*; tar -C www/static/ -x'" # deploy locally built storybook (T235055) [tools.wikibase-databridge-storybook]
2019-10-16 §
10:39 <wm-bot> <migr> reran update script manually, because the static storybook was missing/broken. Cause unclear. Some errors during script execution, but storybook is available again 🤷 [tools.wikibase-databridge-storybook]
2019-07-01 §
15:51 <wm-bot> <migr> added hack to update storybook about every hour by running `webservice --backend kubernetes node10 start` and executing the update in the package.json and then sleep for the rest of the hour [tools.wikibase-databridge-storybook]
2019-06-28 §
17:36 <wm-bot> <lucaswerkmeister-wmde> ln -s www/static/ public_html && webservice start # make storybook available under non-static domain too [tools.wikibase-databridge-storybook]