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2016-11-01 §
20:59 <legoktm> manually restarting duplicate wb2-phab listener [tools.wikibugs]
2016-10-07 §
21:40 <Krenair> manually shut down and restarted wikibugs, it had split into two separate bots for some reason [tools.wikibugs]
2016-08-31 §
19:11 <legoktm> started redis2irc and wikibugs jobs [tools.wikibugs]
2016-07-28 §
02:44 <Danny_B> started the irc part [tools.wikibugs]
02:41 <Danny_B> killed the irc part for a bit to suppress the spam from batch edit [tools.wikibugs]
2016-07-16 §
22:48 <Danny_B> restarted wikibugs because of weird behavior [tools.wikibugs]
2016-05-23 §
11:34 <valhallasw`cloud> temporarily offline for mass edit by Danny_B [tools.wikibugs]
2016-05-08 §
14:13 <valhallasw`cloud> adding Danny_B as maintainer so he can stop/restart wikibugs while doing mass edits [tools.wikibugs]
2016-05-06 §
19:47 <valhallasw`cloud> temporarily offline for Danny_B's batch job [tools.wikibugs]
2016-02-11 §
02:16 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 164d65c02aa22ec6e53f05ec74c35dfd58d11c24 -releng and -devtools changes [tools.wikibugs]
2016-02-08 §
22:10 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 2dd0d574c0e2bfcd5285493664f884f2ddc54b99 Send Education-* to wikimedia-ed [tools.wikibugs]
2016-01-20 §
16:42 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: af30a77133e5b45db928e8f4850dd73a71169b16 add traffic channel [tools.wikibugs]
2016-01-16 §
04:50 <ircnotifier> legoktm: Deployed 9fde1aa8a06e27a8a08f5d2468cc5e00799dd43f Bump redis delay to 2 seconds to avoid flooding wb2-phab [tools.wikibugs]
2016-01-12 §
21:32 <valhallasw`cloud> kill jobs and restart w/ phab to fix logging & eplot Removed. patch [tools.wikibugs]
2016-01-07 §
20:53 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: db26b7db94db89a49fac63df54d0189cf39ffc90 Send Labs* to `#wikimedia-labs` [tools.wikibugs]
2015-12-21 §
18:31 <valhallasw`cloud> and restarted with fab start-jobs. Welcome back, wikibugs. [tools.wikibugs]
18:30 <valhallasw`cloud> ah, there are SGE processes running. OK, killing those as well. [tools.wikibugs]
18:28 <valhallasw`cloud> what's even weirder is that it starts both wikibugs.py and redis2irc.py, which are two distinct SGE jobs. Uuh? [tools.wikibugs]
18:27 <valhallasw`cloud> yet it respawns! What on earth. Again from, and killed again. [tools.wikibugs]
18:26 <valhallasw`cloud> killed wikibugs manually, no SGE in sight. [tools.wikibugs]
18:24 <valhallasw`cloud> using `listlogins` in nickserv, we find one running on (-1409), one on (-1405, just restarted) [tools.wikibugs]
18:20 <valhallasw`cloud> duplicate wikibugs, trying qmod -rj [tools.wikibugs]
2015-12-07 §
20:39 <valhallasw`cloud> wb2-irc thinks it's connected but messages don't actually get out to IRC. Restarting. [tools.wikibugs]
2015-12-03 §
23:11 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 74f9c1e0e07d47abc0ca706040faaf90b1ea585d Add PAWS to pywikibot and labs channels [tools.wikibugs]
2015-11-04 §
16:44 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 9a7f239ec5c34604d9e48901fc28e997ea53a5e4 Add #Testing-Initiative-2015 to -releng [tools.wikibugs]
04:31 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 775987cc6b7998d7495fcae652546ab2df0d1d6a Send all User-* projects to /dev/null [tools.wikibugs]
2015-10-28 §
18:28 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: e5e90fdb7faaa2b992321b1facd2799ae25d61e7 send Mailing lists tickets to #wikimedia-mailman [tools.wikibugs]
2015-10-21 §
18:32 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: b4e285f9673929b8547902be466e04d903d3237d Add WMDE-Analytics-Engineering to #wikimedia-de-tech [tools.wikibugs]
2015-10-07 §
16:57 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: c78efa6e621b316c26fca060661f59558e8bafa5 Merge "Also exclude TCB-Team- from #wikimedia-fundraising" [tools.wikibugs]
2015-10-06 §
00:34 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 9da0a4809b8d990d2a87d465868d8a8c8fd549b1 Send Beta-Cluster-Infrastructure to #wikimedia-releng [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-27 §
19:34 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: d2f4a855aa8e5f6a9d06e43c35abcc9448f57b73 Add MediaWiki-Codesniffer to -releng [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-24 §
17:41 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: bf1ac0ad9fd2f358aeb62335516c6ca4304b649d Add #MediaWiki-Releasing to -releng [tools.wikibugs]
16:40 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: eca76c2669d6b0d308b2457b146dbef7f5f91d26 Add #releng-epics to -releng [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-23 §
14:02 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 06f2a7d0a89baac1a1255c8e2524afa9654e09c1 Send all Community-Tech-* traffic to #wikimedia-commtech [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-22 §
22:54 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 40a3bfed7706047eb5df3b7f36fda29c54cec3fc Pywikibot-Flow → #wikimedia-collaboration [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-19 §
05:02 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 4d6ce23148a4fa57c84139465beeb84361ebb6de Add releng-(.*) to catch all releng planning tags [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-18 §
09:20 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 6a3566594f734c84b9e7d85600ae39b33ab366de releng is now Release-Engineering-Team [tools.wikibugs]
03:11 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: f9dab0c9be84689bc24046982ef22e22d45402b7 OTRS → #wikimedia-otrs [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-16 §
17:27 <ircnotifier> legoktm: Deployed bcce439fda97c0a91b6ef983221f336a3da0cf99 Wait at least 1 second before pushing into redis wb2-phab [tools.wikibugs]
15:04 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 08ac39ff3184c179434bb9f36187adcea5ea8f24 Remove ECT and old/dead projects from -devtools [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-07 §
11:07 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 04c06838cc50d916c6cc11b20776a62b8b5fbdc1 Report ArticlePlaceholder to #wikidata-feed [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-04 §
20:56 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 0a914ec9da79d3e0b8a6dcbe825a2ac54eb03446 add notifs for #wikimedia-ios room [tools.wikibugs]
03:12 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: d18a53d6498e5faa77a03b35261f9d26fd51766d Add #Differential for -releng [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-03 §
16:26 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 6790b1bed753260168db20bb78dcfa5726be2aec Deprecate gitblit, and migrate gerrit [tools.wikibugs]
05:46 <ircnotifier> legoktm: Deployed 1564da8bd2a53f9899e93497f03ba13e4a6b734f Forrestbot → ReleaseTaggerBot wb2-irc [tools.wikibugs]
2015-09-02 §
00:03 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 5f5fbb9243566dd512f1b1bf65ed60e5e08d6e92 Naming is hard [tools.wikibugs]
2015-08-28 §
05:14 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 30a3e422993291ab995a487ae1d4bbc2e7cd4013 Send Community-Tech traffic to #wikimedia-commtech [tools.wikibugs]
2015-08-25 §
18:04 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: a541227fe36479f99a74f8d56586bcf4b8f55108 Send Collaboration-Team(-.*)? to #wikimedia-collaboration [tools.wikibugs]
2015-08-19 §
08:25 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: b03ba14e0809cf29d6fad807c931b7b9bafb0b2f Add RelEng-Admin, CI-Config, Scap3 plus reorder [tools.wikibugs]
2015-08-04 §
17:48 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 5b039d4ec16094a553be431e4d94f0bf880cfa47 Send GlobalRename changes to #wikimedia-rename [tools.wikibugs]