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2018-06-13 §
06:01 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: a7eaa3105adc56e4e923a6af879aa3a2db3394ca Example Reading-Infrastructure-Team projects [tools.wikibugs]
2018-06-12 §
18:22 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 7b71ab65e663a9f2b186d695e6bf94902beb319e Add #wikimedia-ri-ci with relevant repos and Phab project [tools.wikibugs]
2018-06-06 §
18:37 <Reedy> qdel current jobs [tools.wikibugs]
2018-05-17 §
15:06 <legoktm> restarted wb2-phab job [tools.wikibugs]
2018-04-12 §
01:50 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 3b1b66271bd97799a723e4e1367c4586f3f9d3e5 Notify #mediawiki-parsoid for more project bugs [tools.wikibugs]
2018-03-20 §
15:35 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: d038766effad436a63321f9bf90012dad8fbd7b6 Changing the channel for wikimedia-de related messages [tools.wikibugs]
2018-02-24 §
01:27 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 7083c324b227fa9cea91dd0f63aeef6c26444ca2 Merge #wikimedia-anti-harassment-tools into #wikimedia-commtech [tools.wikibugs]
2018-01-19 §
20:35 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: e85e5b9d9cd2b574d72bf2292b19f8a256f888fd Follow-up: I forgot Phabricator's sub-projects [tools.wikibugs]
19:16 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 82f35a133ffe502920845f25a616e3e64de66be2 Remove #-devtools, merge into #-releng [tools.wikibugs]
2018-01-15 §
17:13 <d3r1ck> Move IRC channel from #wiki-dev-africa to #wikimedia-dev-africa (proper namespace) for the Africa Wikimedia Developer Project [tools.wikibugs]
17:12 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 558223821cfe3fb742eed65d1fdf3112ce9506a7 Merge "add #wikimedia-ve to wikibugs" [tools.wikibugs]
17:11 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: dfa7acb7be6172bbbcf1e902f13e2a05603aefa2 Migration from #wiki-dev-africa to #wikimedia-dev-africa [tools.wikibugs]
2018-01-02 §
11:28 <legoktm> restarted everything because it was being weird [tools.wikibugs]
2017-12-14 §
17:26 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 54e2d754583aa29c5fd3d79fad64fae407c78924 If its not working break it more. [tools.wikibugs]
2017-12-13 §
22:04 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 09f9fc29c13bc37bd7d6ed3a19c04269c45f2f39 I promise I understand how to write code and change configs... it may take me 430 patchsets first. [tools.wikibugs]
21:52 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 60c37074c081c2cb39915cb41bcd70607c633084 Cleanup, Merjin made me do this [tools.wikibugs]
21:40 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 0a8c097f134c17a045e51bf6a36ee3d3b46d80c6 Merge "releng: Cleanup" [tools.wikibugs]
2017-10-24 §
17:55 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: dcdb429afd431a1f221c4a038305b1f83056bcfe Move wmcs-related notices to #wikimedia-cloud-feed [tools.wikibugs]
2017-09-24 §
05:32 <legoktm> legoktm: Deployed 7f85b1857fbd887b53523ab4a312673b31db0ba4 Fix casing of Libraryupgrader wb2-grrrrit [tools.wikibugs]
2017-09-13 §
18:55 <valhallasw`cloud> restarting wb2-grrrrit to pull in I1dce797340788ce12fda27102abdbb7f97849107 / T174772 [tools.wikibugs]
2017-08-07 §
16:51 <valhallasw`cloud> restarted webservice on grid engine -- the git pull exec does not work on kubernetes [tools.wikibugs]
2017-03-30 §
20:43 <chasemp> manual jsub commands per https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikibugs [tools.wikibugs]
20:38 <chasemp> tools.wikibugs@tools-bastion-03:~$ webservice restart [tools.wikibugs]
2016-11-17 §
18:29 <valhallasw`cloud> killed stray wikibugs on tools-exec-1404 [tools.wikibugs]
2016-11-15 §
18:57 <legoktm> restarted wikibugs [tools.wikibugs]
2016-11-01 §
20:59 <legoktm> manually restarting duplicate wb2-phab listener [tools.wikibugs]
2016-10-07 §
21:40 <Krenair> manually shut down and restarted wikibugs, it had split into two separate bots for some reason [tools.wikibugs]
2016-08-31 §
19:11 <legoktm> started redis2irc and wikibugs jobs [tools.wikibugs]
2016-07-28 §
02:44 <Danny_B> started the irc part [tools.wikibugs]
02:41 <Danny_B> killed the irc part for a bit to suppress the spam from batch edit [tools.wikibugs]
2016-07-16 §
22:48 <Danny_B> restarted wikibugs because of weird behavior [tools.wikibugs]
2016-05-23 §
11:34 <valhallasw`cloud> temporarily offline for mass edit by Danny_B [tools.wikibugs]
2016-05-08 §
14:13 <valhallasw`cloud> adding Danny_B as maintainer so he can stop/restart wikibugs while doing mass edits [tools.wikibugs]
2016-05-06 §
19:47 <valhallasw`cloud> temporarily offline for Danny_B's batch job [tools.wikibugs]
2016-02-11 §
02:16 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 164d65c02aa22ec6e53f05ec74c35dfd58d11c24 -releng and -devtools changes [tools.wikibugs]
2016-02-08 §
22:10 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 2dd0d574c0e2bfcd5285493664f884f2ddc54b99 Send Education-* to wikimedia-ed [tools.wikibugs]
2016-01-20 §
16:42 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: af30a77133e5b45db928e8f4850dd73a71169b16 add traffic channel [tools.wikibugs]
2016-01-16 §
04:50 <ircnotifier> legoktm: Deployed 9fde1aa8a06e27a8a08f5d2468cc5e00799dd43f Bump redis delay to 2 seconds to avoid flooding wb2-phab [tools.wikibugs]
2016-01-12 §
21:32 <valhallasw`cloud> kill jobs and restart w/ phab to fix logging & eplot Removed. patch [tools.wikibugs]
2016-01-07 §
20:53 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: db26b7db94db89a49fac63df54d0189cf39ffc90 Send Labs* to `#wikimedia-labs` [tools.wikibugs]
2015-12-21 §
18:31 <valhallasw`cloud> and restarted with fab start-jobs. Welcome back, wikibugs. [tools.wikibugs]
18:30 <valhallasw`cloud> ah, there are SGE processes running. OK, killing those as well. [tools.wikibugs]
18:28 <valhallasw`cloud> what's even weirder is that it starts both wikibugs.py and redis2irc.py, which are two distinct SGE jobs. Uuh? [tools.wikibugs]
18:27 <valhallasw`cloud> yet it respawns! What on earth. Again from, and killed again. [tools.wikibugs]
18:26 <valhallasw`cloud> killed wikibugs manually, no SGE in sight. [tools.wikibugs]
18:24 <valhallasw`cloud> using `listlogins` in nickserv, we find one running on (-1409), one on (-1405, just restarted) [tools.wikibugs]
18:20 <valhallasw`cloud> duplicate wikibugs, trying qmod -rj [tools.wikibugs]
2015-12-07 §
20:39 <valhallasw`cloud> wb2-irc thinks it's connected but messages don't actually get out to IRC. Restarting. [tools.wikibugs]
2015-12-03 §
23:11 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 74f9c1e0e07d47abc0ca706040faaf90b1ea585d Add PAWS to pywikibot and labs channels [tools.wikibugs]
2015-11-04 §
16:44 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 9a7f239ec5c34604d9e48901fc28e997ea53a5e4 Add #Testing-Initiative-2015 to -releng [tools.wikibugs]