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2023-06-19 §
13:42 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: e6b7f7783feadc426b2a79f91d5c3c9c761b42a3 Add 'Data Platform SRE' phab ticket updates to #wikimedia-analytics [tools.wikibugs]
2023-05-15 §
18:26 <taavi> restart all containers [tools.wikibugs]
2023-04-20 §
17:37 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 30368f4437745723743bf197bf23faad29c190e4 Remove services.* from #wikimedia-services [tools.wikibugs]
17:22 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 48c57d89af47960f1181bdd8329ce0bb1f853d02 Remove blocked-on-services [tools.wikibugs]
2023-03-15 §
04:35 <legoktm> manually restarted [tools.wikibugs]
2023-01-15 §
23:25 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 3fc8f04d85b953d989704f66c6ff345b127cd614 Enable phab and gerrit notifs for #countervandalism [tools.wikibugs]
2022-12-31 §
03:21 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 352103ccd0bc4ad6355901c8724de306e5ada17c channels: Add ##theresnotime-feed [tools.wikibugs]
2022-11-21 §
18:29 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: c1a96fd7796613e7c5a600147856d9bd9cc25c6d Remove unrelated projects from #-fundraising [tools.wikibugs]
2022-10-20 §
19:59 <wm-bot> <root> restart wikibugs (again) [tools.wikibugs]
19:12 <wm-bot> <root> restart wikibugs [tools.wikibugs]
2022-10-10 §
21:08 <wm-bot> <root> restart wikibugs [tools.wikibugs]
20:43 <wm-bot> <root> restart wikibugs [tools.wikibugs]
2022-10-07 §
17:57 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 5c488e7d414102a949371d105d3ec8cb85872976 channels: route Grid-Engine-to-K8s-Migration to -cloud-feed [tools.wikibugs]
2022-07-15 §
13:34 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 108bdf1842a176a07e3952355d6843b6f60054d7 Phab: Match abstract_wiki.* for Abstract channel [tools.wikibugs]
2022-06-15 §
18:58 <taavi> full shutdown + restart [tools.wikibugs]
2022-05-20 §
03:42 <wm-bot> <legoktm> restarting IRC bot to lose the tail [tools.wikibugs]
2022-05-13 §
04:48 <legoktm> restarted wikibugs-phab pod, had stopped reporting [tools.wikibugs]
2022-05-06 §
17:06 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 783e242631296d112bc37dc9ce1b3112c76a7009 channels: Community Tech [tools.wikibugs]
2022-05-05 §
20:12 <wm-bot> <legoktm> Restart webservice so post-merge pull hook works again [tools.wikibugs]
20:12 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: b9b4697dfe8a316d830a85e4c283f90a86b56513 wikibugs: relay WikiSEO to RhinosF1's channel [tools.wikibugs]
2022-03-18 §
16:06 <taavi> restarted libera-irc after it flooded out [tools.wikibugs]
2022-03-03 §
18:17 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 673df01c67a10190f6c2d36e753937684120a182 channels: route Cloud Services Proposals to cloud-feed [tools.wikibugs]
08:04 <taavi> remove 'taxonomy' cron job on the stretch grid, seems to be intended to update [[mw:Phabricator/Projects]] but broken since early 2021 without anyone complaining [tools.wikibugs]
2022-02-28 §
14:05 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 1226e1d38c9f1e51e8d99a11ab153b3cb8e7a0c9 Add #wikimedia-ve for Wikimedia-Venezuela.* [tools.wikibugs]
2022-02-25 §
12:16 <taavi> fixed auto updated code by restarting webservice to use php 7.4 (instead of 5.6), 5.6 container no longer trusts LE certificates [tools.wikibugs]
12:15 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: e3f9d15ecb3408e823f854ee1891209c24859567 send openstack stuff to -cloud-feed [tools.wikibugs]
2022-01-28 §
14:07 <taavi> deploying https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/labs/tools/wikibugs2/+/757403 [tools.wikibugs]
14:07 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 4c7bf9f3c273443eba9989f32dd1f563d3378e94 quibble messages only go to dedicated channel [tools.wikibugs]
2021-11-18 §
21:40 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: ce25366e1b2a26bd7ee500a1f9fd6358ad311068 Add #wikimedia-gitlab [tools.wikibugs]
2021-10-27 §
18:32 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: a353a2cdc026cfc9ca31654366d1dff6d91ea9e6 Add #wikimedia-quibble [tools.wikibugs]
2021-09-16 §
01:07 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 260a9bf4ddf30863267b6113dd2c651bfc5d68e4 channels: Remove 'Vector' from #wikimedia-editing notifs [tools.wikibugs]
2021-09-15 §
21:50 <legoktm> switched config to use tools-redis.svc.eqiad.wmflabs as redis host and now it seems to work [tools.wikibugs]
20:03 <legoktm> redis2irc is running in a screen because of T291129 [tools.wikibugs]
19:33 <legoktm> restarted libera-irc to pick up new "In progress" status (didn't actually need to restart libera-phab) [tools.wikibugs]
19:31 <legoktm> restarted libera-phab to pick up new "In progress" status [tools.wikibugs]
2021-08-27 §
19:03 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: b04aee9d486d7f4f161e1be8ad13179dae52324e Fix Wikisource tag names [tools.wikibugs]
18:44 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 27dded8e480c386b4103d4293504eb074e2124a6 channels: include toolforge milestones [tools.wikibugs]
2021-08-06 §
16:09 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: b3053ae5642948f4f9828f2db03df5ae884e2617 Add some extra Wikisource projects to #wikisource [tools.wikibugs]
2021-08-03 §
17:46 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 1d275d121ea4fab740461b223ddca5c9136ab9d7 wikibugs: Send Data Persistence events to #wikimedia-data-persistence-feed [tools.wikibugs]
2021-07-29 §
18:41 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: d7555428ef9264c75b83b097fd78e9918bc8b250 Send SRE-* projects to `#wikimedia-operations` too [tools.wikibugs]
2021-07-15 §
08:26 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 8f91a8c4f315dbe38827c0002933589837574d89 releng: Remove tags RelEng team doesn't own [tools.wikibugs]
2021-07-06 §
07:18 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: f23263a69fa3084e9a01bbcbef417c914a1ea93c Remove ##wmt, project archived [tools.wikibugs]
07:12 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 8e21ef1b7237c7e3ebff38ea999bd78dc16b5329 Remove #wikimedia-teampractices, project archived [tools.wikibugs]
2021-06-25 §
21:50 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 45c892ec66874f389a71e57dae009c15430079fd Remove #wikimedia-ve, Wikimedia-Venezuela project was archived [tools.wikibugs]
2021-06-24 §
08:10 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: d7c3b949484194acfe96c70afb23d7e196fb6de5 Remove debugging channel from a long time ago [tools.wikibugs]
2021-06-21 §
21:02 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 1afde3d2136dedb493e2c7da34f986ba3a29ca77 Move #wikimedia-otrs to #wikimedia-vrt, OTRS to Znuny [tools.wikibugs]
2021-05-30 §
05:41 <legoktm> restarting for irc3 upgrade [tools.wikibugs]
01:08 <legoktm> added "mediawiki" and "ldap/ops" Gerrit groups to ACL for labs/tools/wikibugs2, see wikitech-l email [tools.wikibugs]
2021-05-26 §
16:38 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: 8fe607bc1d6123b999c89b603884825b72e091a7 Re-add netops to the #wikimedia-traffic channel [tools.wikibugs]
15:50 <wikibugs> Updated channels.yaml to: d6a6485cc5ff73c4b2922cd790c273b736580a4c Add config for #wikimedia-sre-foundations [tools.wikibugs]