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2020-03-14 §
18:03 <wm-bot> <zppix1> Finish setup of k8s, tool is now functioning as expected [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-02-28 §
19:13 <wm-bot> <root> Migrated to 2020 Kubernetes cluster [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-02-11 §
22:26 <RhinosF1> update default.cfg to test values and copy credentials from zppixbot [tools.zppixbot-test]
22:24 <bd808> `chmod -R g+w $HOME/.sopel` to fix file permissions so that RhinosF1 can sftp directly to this directory [tools.zppixbot-test]
22:19 <bd808> `chmod g+w $HOME/.sopel` [tools.zppixbot-test]