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2020-06-10 §
21:46 <Texas> chmod -R g+w $HOME [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-09 §
21:44 <RhinosF1> keeping logging_channel off with debug logs and hoping the bot timesout to get some decent non log spammed logs to try and fix bug 2/3 in T254348 [tools.zppixbot-test]
21:17 <RhinosF1> - messing stuff up to test T254348 [tools.zppixbot-test]
09:47 <RhinosF1> outage over [tools.zppixbot-test]
09:47 <RhinosF1> rolled back sopelbot to python 3.5 -- END due to T254348 (cc T254246) [tools.zppixbot-test]
09:41 <RhinosF1> delete deployment to begin rolling back T254246 due to T254348 [tools.zppixbot-test]
08:29 <RhinosF1> Recovery not expected before 10am [tools.zppixbot-test]
08:03 <RhinosF1> investigating incident T254348 [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-08 §
21:30 <RhinosF1> recreate deployment in py3.7 for T254246 END [tools.zppixbot-test]
21:22 <RhinosF1> deleted sopel deployment to switch to py3.7 START -- T254246 [tools.zppixbot-test]
17:24 <wm-bot> <zppix1> re-enable reload [tools.zppixbot-test]
17:21 <MacFan4000> restarted for code changes [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-07 §
21:44 <RhinosF1> remove old url config and add twitter api keys to fix T254348 - also disable reload at same tome [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-06 §
22:12 <RhinosF1> no known reason for current increase in timeouts [tools.zppixbot-test]
21:55 <RhinosF1> invesigating incident [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-05 §
21:58 <MacFan4000> restarting for code and config changes [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-04 §
15:48 <MacFan4000> restarting web service as php7.3 [tools.zppixbot-test]
14:49 <MacFan4000> restart for config and code changes [tools.zppixbot-test]
07:35 <RhinosF1> tools.zppixbot-test@tools-sgebastion-07:~/public_html/new-web/public_html/Font-Awesome$ git submodule init && git submodule update [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-03 §
23:24 <MacFan4000> restart (again) [tools.zppixbot-test]
23:21 <MacFan4000> restart (again) [tools.zppixbot-test]
23:15 <MacFan4000> restart (again) [tools.zppixbot-test]
23:09 <MacFan4000> restart for code changes [tools.zppixbot-test]
22:17 <Texas> kubectl delete pods sopeltest.bot-6876f8c6b4-pj7pq [tools.zppixbot-test]
22:16 <Texas> git pull [tools.zppixbot-test]
20:37 <MacFan4000> restart for config changes [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:56 <Texas> restarting bot to apply changes [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:55 <Texas> git pull [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:49 <Texas> kubectl delete pods sopeltest.bot-6876f8c6b4-lzhmp [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:48 <Texas> git pull [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:37 <Texas> kubectl delete pods sopeltest.bot-6876f8c6b4-596wx [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:15 <RhinosF1> python is now 3.5 due to T254348 cc T254246 [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:13 <Texas> kubectl delete pods sopeltest.bot-6876f8c6b4-qmpmz [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:11 <Texas> chmod a+x starter-new.sh [tools.zppixbot-test]
18:01 <Texas> kubectl create deployment --validate=true -f /data/project/zppixbot-test/k8s/sopelbot.yaml [tools.zppixbot-test]
17:58 <RhinosF1> rolling back to python 3.5 with examknow due to T254348 cc T254246 [tools.zppixbot-test]
17:58 <wm-bot> <dschultz> kubectl delete deployment sopeltest.bot [tools.zppixbot-test]
13:29 <RhinosF1> service restored [tools.zppixbot-test]
13:23 <RhinosF1> tools.zppixbot-test@tools-sgebastion-07:~$ kubectl delete pods --all [tools.zppixbot-test]
13:07 <RhinosF1> OUTAGE UNDER INVESTIGATION [tools.zppixbot-test]
10:55 <RhinosF1> hack zppixbot-test public_html to live demo https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/602041 [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-02 §
21:20 <RhinosF1> Switch to 3.7 DONE - Safe to reboot [tools.zppixbot-test]
21:04 <RhinosF1> updating to python 3.7 - DO NOT RESTART [tools.zppixbot-test]
21:03 <MacFan4000> add me to admins and reboot [tools.zppixbot-test]
20:59 <Zppix> add Examknow to maintainers [tools.zppixbot-test]
20:40 <Zppix> Add MacFan4000 to maintainers [tools.zppixbot-test]
14:52 <wm-bot> <rhinosf1> reverted to python3.5 [tools.zppixbot-test]
14:19 <wm-bot> <rhinosf1> upgrading python to 3.7 [tools.zppixbot-test]
09:52 <RhinosF1> run dbclean.py for nick_id 28 & 34 - SUCESS [tools.zppixbot-test]
2020-06-01 §
21:37 <RhinosF1> ran https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/2BfVYNV2/sqltorestoreekmobile to add ek back [tools.zppixbot-test]