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2020-07-02 §
15:45 <MacFan4000> restart due to downtime [tools.zppixbot]
09:05 <RhinosF1> tools.zppixbot@tools-sgebastion-08:~$ crontab -ir [tools.zppixbot]
2020-07-01 §
09:22 <RhinosF1> moved meetbot stuff to new host [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-30 §
22:12 <RhinosF1> deploy web [tools.zppixbot]
21:58 <RhinosF1> deploy web [tools.zppixbot]
11:58 <RhinosF1> delete wiki [tools.zppixbot]
11:27 <RhinosF1> redirect zppixbotwiki to bots.miraheze.org [tools.zppixbot]
09:11 <RhinosF1> close ZppixBotWiki [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-26 §
09:45 <RhinosF1> update complete -- T254246 [tools.zppixbot]
09:33 <RhinosF1> update python for bot (not cron) to py37 -- T254246 [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-25 §
09:56 <RhinosF1> update done [tools.zppixbot]
09:30 <RhinosF1> updating /wiki/ to 1.34.2 [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-24 §
19:45 <MacFan4000> restarting for config/code change [tools.zppixbot]
15:34 <MacFan4000> restarting for config/code change [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-23 §
16:47 <MacFan4000> restarting for config change [tools.zppixbot]
14:48 <MacFan4000> rm -rf credentials.txt (superseded by default.cfg) [tools.zppixbot]
14:39 <MacFan4000> restarting for config change [tools.zppixbot]
14:37 <MacFan4000> restarting for config/code changes [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-22 §
15:46 <wm-bot> <zppixbot> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 45.s [tools.zppixbot]
14:20 <RhinosF1> removed dschultz (Examknow) from search console [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-21 §
21:24 <RhinosF1> reset & updated mhphab config T255922 [tools.zppixbot]
21:18 <RhinosF1> reset & updated status.py config T255922 [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-20 §
23:16 <RhinosF1> scrambled email&pw for a user [tools.zppixbot]
23:08 <RhinosF1> restart all pods to unfallout T255926 [tools.zppixbot]
21:39 <RhinosF1> deploy a status config change (temp due to fallout) and add new twitter api key --T255922 [tools.zppixbot]
18:34 <RhinosF1> revoke access of EK for ToU vio [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-18 §
22:20 <RhinosF1> rm default.remind.db - corrupted [tools.zppixbot]
21:56 <RhinosF1> started deployment & cron back -- T255763 [tools.zppixbot]
21:49 <RhinosF1> stop running ddtrace for T255763 [tools.zppixbot]
21:46 <RhinosF1> stop sopel & cron to reset pip, pyc, and mmdb -- T255763 [tools.zppixbot]
13:42 <wm-bot> <rhinosf1> redeployed v7 with a sketchy trace tool to attempt to do something about T255763 [tools.zppixbot]
11:56 <wm-bot> <rhinosf1> switch pod to running ddtrace-run for some tests [tools.zppixbot]
10:36 <wm-bot> <rhinosf1> reset pycache due to update rollback [tools.zppixbot]
08:29 <wm-bot> <rhinosf1> Restart - Release Version 7 (cf T253381) [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-17 §
18:02 <MacFan4000> removing reminder that I just added and restarting [tools.zppixbot]
14:31 <wm-bot> <zppixbot> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 50.s [tools.zppixbot]
14:16 <wm-bot> <zppixbot> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 45.s [tools.zppixbot]
13:18 <MacFan4000> restarting for new module/code changes and created mysql database for quotes [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-16 §
15:46 <wm-bot> <zppixbot> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 50.s [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-15 §
16:43 <MacFan4000> restart for config/code changes [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-11 §
23:53 <MacFan4000> restarting again [tools.zppixbot]
23:47 <MacFan4000> restarting for config/code changes [tools.zppixbot]
22:31 <wm-bot> <zppixbot> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 39.s [tools.zppixbot]
13:45 <RhinosF1> added sitemap.xml to search console [tools.zppixbot]
13:33 <wm-bot> <zppixbot> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 95.s [tools.zppixbot]
13:16 <wm-bot> <zppixbot> auto-update@website: Synced website repo in 45.s [tools.zppixbot]
2020-06-10 §
22:09 <MacFan4000> restarting for code/config changes T255077 [tools.zppixbot]
22:03 <RhinosF1> rmv RO T255060 [tools.zppixbot]
21:44 <Texas> chmod -R g+w $HOME [tools.zppixbot]
21:30 <RhinosF1> enable category tree + set 2FA rights up, clean up LS.php - then run git pull, update.php and composer update --no-dev T255060 [tools.zppixbot]