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2019-01-17 §
23:37 <bd808> Shutdown tools-package-builder-01. Use tools-package-builder-02 instead! [tools]
22:09 <bd808> Upgrading tools-manifest to 0.16 on tools-sgecron-01 [tools]
22:05 <bd808> Upgrading tools-manifest to 0.16 on tools-cron-01 [tools]
21:51 <bd808> Upgrading tools-manifest to 0.15 on tools-cron-01 [tools]
20:41 <bd808> Building tools-package-builder-02 to replace tools-package-builder-01 [tools]
17:16 <arturo> T213421 shutdown tools-services-01/02. Will delete VMs after a grace period [tools]
12:54 <arturo> add webservice security group to tools-sge-services-03/04 [tools]
2019-01-16 §
17:29 <andrewbogott> depooling and moving tools-sgeexec-0904 tools-sgeexec-0906 tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0904 [tools]
16:38 <arturo> T213418 shutdown tools-docker-registry-01 and 02. Will delete the instances in a week or so [tools]
14:34 <arturo> T213418 point docker-registry.tools.wmflabs.org to tools-docker-registry-03 (was in -02) [tools]
14:23 <arturo> T213418 allocate floating IPs for tools-docker-registry-03 & 04 [tools]
2019-01-15 §
21:02 <bstorm_> restarting webservicemonitor on tools-services-02 -- acting funny [tools]
18:46 <bd808> Dropped A record for www.tools.wmflabs.org and replaced it with a CNAME pointing to tools.wmflabs.org. [tools]
18:29 <bstorm_> T213711 installed python3-requests=2.11.1-1~bpo8+1 python3-urllib3=1.16-1~bpo8+1 on tools-proxy-03, which stopped the bleeding [tools]
14:55 <arturo> disable puppet in tools-docker-registry-01 and tools-docker-registry-02, trying with `role::wmcs::toolforge::docker::registry` in the puppetmaster for -03 and -04. The registry shouldn't be affected by this [tools]
14:21 <arturo> T213418 put a backup of the docker registry in NFS just in case: `aborrero@tools-docker-registry-02:$ sudo cp /srv/registry/registry.tar.gz /data/project/.system_sge/docker-registry-backup/` [tools]
2019-01-14 §
22:03 <bstorm_> T213711 Added UDP port needed for flannel packets to work to k8s worker sec groups in both eqiad and eqiad1-r [tools]
22:03 <bstorm_> T213711 Added ports needed for etcd-flannel to work on the etcd security group in eqiad [tools]
21:42 <zhuyifei1999_> also `write`-ed to them (as root). auth on my personal account would take a long time [tools]
21:37 <zhuyifei1999_> that command belonged to tools.scholia (with fnielsen as the ssh user) [tools]
21:36 <zhuyifei1999_> killed an egrep using too mush NFS bandwidth on tools-bastion-03 [tools]
21:33 <zhuyifei1999_> SIGTERM PID 12542 24780 875 14569 14722. `tail`s with parent as init, belonging to user maxlath. they should submit to grid. [tools]
16:44 <arturo> T213418 docker-registry.tools.wmflabs.org point floating IP to tools-docker-registry-02 [tools]
14:00 <arturo> T213421 disable updatetools in the new services nodes while building them [tools]
13:53 <arturo> T213421 delete tools-services-03/04 and create them with another prefix: tools-sge-services-03/04 to actually use the new role [tools]
13:47 <arturo> T213421 create tools-services-03 and tools-services-04 (stretch) they will use the new puppet role `role::wmcs::toolforge::services` [tools]
2019-01-11 §
11:55 <arturo> T213418 shutdown tools-docker-builder-05, will give a grace period before deleting the VM [tools]
10:51 <arturo> T213418 created tools-docker-builder-06 in eqiad1 [tools]
10:46 <arturo> T213418 migrating tools-docker-registry-02 from eqiad to eqiad1 [tools]
2019-01-10 §
22:45 <bstorm_> T213357 - Added 24 lighttpd nodes tot he new grid [tools]
18:54 <bstorm_> T213355 built and configured two more generic web nodes for the new grid [tools]
10:35 <gtirloni> deleted non-puppetized checks from tools-checker-{01,02} [tools]
00:12 <bstorm_> T213353 Added 36 exec nodes to the new grid [tools]
2019-01-09 §
20:16 <andrewbogott> moving tools-paws-worker-1013 and tools-paws-worker-1007 to eqiad1 [tools]
17:17 <andrewbogott> moving paws-worker-1017 and paws-worker-1016 to eqiad1 [tools]
14:42 <andrewbogott> experimentally moving tools-paws-worker-1019 to eqiad1 [tools]
09:59 <gtirloni> rebooted tools-checker-01 (T213252) [tools]
2019-01-07 §
17:21 <bstorm_> T67777 - set the max_u_jobs global grid config setting to 50 in the new grid [tools]
15:54 <bstorm_> T67777 Set stretch grid user job limit to 16 [tools]
05:45 <bd808> Manually installed python3-venv on tools-sgebastion-06. Gerrit patch submitted for proper automation. [tools]
2019-01-06 §
22:06 <bd808> Added floating ip to tools-sgebastion-06 (T212360) [tools]
2019-01-05 §
23:54 <bd808> Manually installed php-mbstring on tools-sgebastion-06. Gerrit patch submitted to install it on the rest of the Son of Grid Engine nodes. [tools]
2019-01-04 §
21:37 <bd808> Truncated /data/project/.system/accounting after archiving ~30 days of history [tools]
2019-01-03 §
21:03 <bd808> Enabled Puppet on tools-proxy-02 [tools]
20:53 <bd808> Disabled Puppet on tools-proxy-02 [tools]
20:51 <bd808> Enabled Puppet on tools-proxy-01 [tools]
20:49 <bd808> Disabled Puppet on tools-proxy-01 [tools]
2018-12-21 §
16:29 <andrewbogott> migrating tools-exec-1416 to labvirt1004 [tools]
16:01 <andrewbogott> moving tools-grid-master to labvirt1004 [tools]
00:35 <bd808> Installed tools-manifest 0.14 for T212390 [tools]