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2018-11-16 §
21:15 <bd808> Ran grid engine orphan process kill script from T153281. Only 3 orphan php-cgi processes belonging to iluvatarbot found. [tools]
17:47 <gtirloni> deleted tools-mail instance [tools]
17:23 <andrewbogott> moving tools-docker-registry-02 to labvirt1001 [tools]
17:07 <andrewbogott> moving tools-elastic-03 to labvirt1007 [tools]
13:36 <gtirloni> rebooted tools-static-12 and tools-static-13 after package upgrades [tools]
2018-11-14 §
17:29 <andrewbogott> moving tools-worker-1027 to labvirt1008 [tools]
17:18 <andrewbogott> moving tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1417 to labvirt1005 [tools]
17:15 <andrewbogott> moving tools-exec-1420 to labvirt1009 [tools]
2018-11-13 §
17:40 <arturo> remove misctools 1.31 and jobutils 1.30 from the stretch-tools repo (T207970) [tools]
13:32 <gtirloni> pointed mail.tools.wmflabs.org to new IP [tools]
13:29 <gtirloni> Changed active mail relay to tools-mail-02 (T209356) [tools]
13:22 <arturo> T207970 misctools and jobutils v1.32 are now in both `stretch-tools` and `stretch-toolsbeta` repos in tools-services-01 [tools]
13:05 <arturo> T207970 there is now a `stretch-toolsbeta` repo in tools-services-01, still empty [tools]
12:59 <arturo> the puppet issue has been solved by reverting the code [tools]
12:28 <arturo> puppet broken in toolforge due to a refactor. Will be fixed in a bit [tools]
2018-11-08 §
18:12 <gtirloni> cleaned up old tmp files on tools-bastion-02 [tools]
17:58 <arturo> installing jobutils and misctools v1.32 (T207970) [tools]
17:18 <gtirloni> cleaned up old tmp files on tools-exec-1406 [tools]
16:56 <gtirloni> cleaned up /tmp on tools-bastion-05 [tools]
16:37 <gtirloni> re-enabled tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1424.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
16:36 <gtirloni> re-enabled tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1414.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
16:36 <gtirloni> re-enabled tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1408.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
16:36 <gtirloni> re-enabled tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1403.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
16:36 <gtirloni> re-enabled tools-exec-1429.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
16:36 <gtirloni> re-enabled tools-exec-1411.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
16:29 <bstorm_> re-enabled tools-exec-1433.tools.eqiad.wmflabs [tools]
11:32 <gtirloni> removed temporary /var/mail fix (T208843) [tools]
2018-11-07 §
10:37 <gtirloni> removed invalid apt.conf.d file from all hosts (T110055) [tools]
2018-11-02 §
18:11 <arturo> T206223 some disturbances due to the certificate renewal [tools]
17:04 <arturo> renewing *.wmflabs.org T206223 [tools]
2018-10-31 §
18:02 <gtirloni> truncated big .err and error.log files [tools]
13:15 <addshore> removing Jonas Kress (WMDE) from tools project, no longer with wmde [tools]
2018-10-29 §
17:00 <bd808> Ran grid engine orphan process kill script from T153281 [tools]
2018-10-26 §
10:34 <arturo> T207970 added misctools 1.31 and jobutils 1.30 to stretch-tools aptly repo [tools]
10:32 <arturo> T209970 added misctools 1.31 and jobutils 1.30 to stretch-tools aptly repo [tools]
2018-10-19 §
14:17 <andrewbogott> moving tools-clushmaster-01 to labvirt1004 [tools]
00:29 <andrewbogott> migrating tools-exec-1411 and tools-exec-1410 off of cloudvirt1017 [tools]
2018-10-18 §
19:57 <andrewbogott> moving tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1419, tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1420 and tools-webgrid-lighttpd-1421 to labvirt1009, 1010 and 1011 as part of (gradually) draining labvirt1017 [tools]
2018-10-16 §
15:13 <bd808> (repost for gtirloni) T186571 removed legofan4000 user from project-tools group (leftover from T165624 legofan4000->macfan4000 rename) [tools]
2018-10-07 §
21:57 <zhuyifei1999_> restarted maintain-kubeusers on tools-k8s-master-01 T194859 [tools]
21:48 <zhuyifei1999_> maintain-kubeusers on tools-k8s-master-01 seems to be in an infinite loop of 10 seconds. installed python3-dbg [tools]
21:44 <zhuyifei1999_> journal on tools-k8s-master-01 is full of etcd failures, did a puppet run, nothing interesting happens [tools]
2018-09-21 §
12:35 <arturo> cleanup stalled apt preference files (pinning) in tools-clushmaster-01 [tools]
12:14 <arturo> T205078 same for {jessie,stretch}-wikimedia [tools]
12:12 <arturo> T205078 upgrade trusty-wikimedia packages (git-fat, debmonitor) [tools]
11:57 <arturo> T205078 purge packages smbclient libsmbclient libwbclient0 python-samba samba-common samba-libs from trusty machines [tools]
2018-09-17 §
09:13 <arturo> T204481 aborrero@tools-mail:~$ sudo exiqgrep -i | xargs sudo exim -Mrm [tools]
2018-09-14 §
11:22 <arturo> T204267 stop the corhist tool (k8s) because is hammering the wikidata API [tools]
10:51 <arturo> T204267 stop the openrefine-wikidata tool (k8s) because is hammering the wikidata API [tools]
2018-09-08 §
10:35 <gtirloni> restarted cron and truncated /var/log/exim4/paniclog (T196137) [tools]