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2020-02-13 §
23:53 <bd808> Added tools-k8s-worker-24 to 2020 Kubernetes cluster (T244791) [tools]
23:50 <bd808> Added tools-k8s-worker-23 to 2020 Kubernetes cluster (T244791) [tools]
23:38 <bd808> Added tools-k8s-worker-22 to 2020 Kubernetes cluster (T244791) [tools]
21:35 <bd808> Deleted tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-092{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} & tools-sgewebgrid-generic-090{3,4} (T244791) [tools]
21:33 <bd808> Removed tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-092{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} & tools-sgewebgrid-generic-090{3,4} from grid engine config (T244791) [tools]
17:43 <andrewbogott> migrating b24e29d7-a468-4882-9652-9863c8acfb88 to cloudvirt1022 [tools]
2020-02-12 §
19:29 <bd808> Rebuilding all Docker images to pick up toollabs-webservice (0.63) (T244954) [tools]
19:15 <bd808> Deployed toollabs-webservice (0.63) on bastions (T244954) [tools]
00:20 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-generic-0903 (T244791) [tools]
00:19 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-generic-0904 (T244791) [tools]
00:14 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0921 (T244791) [tools]
00:09 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0922 (T244791) [tools]
00:05 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0923 (T244791) [tools]
00:05 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0924 (T244791) [tools]
2020-02-11 §
23:58 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0925 (T244791) [tools]
23:56 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0926 (T244791) [tools]
23:38 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0927 (T244791) [tools]
2020-02-10 §
23:39 <bstorm_> updated tools-manifest to 0.21 on aptly for stretch [tools]
22:51 <bstorm_> all docker images now use webservice 0.62 [tools]
22:01 <bd808> Manually starting webservices for tools that were running on tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0928 (T244791) [tools]
21:47 <bd808> Depooling tools-sgewebgrid-lighttpd-0928 (T244791) [tools]
21:25 <bstorm_> upgraded toollabs-webservice package for tools to 0.62 T244293 T244289 T234617 T156626 [tools]
2020-02-07 §
10:55 <arturo> drop jessie VM instances tools-prometheus-{01,02} which were shutdown (T238096) [tools]
2020-02-06 §
10:44 <arturo> merged https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/565556 which is a behavior change to the Toolforge front proxy (T234617) [tools]
10:27 <arturo> shutdown again tools-prometheus-01, no longer in use (T238096) [tools]
05:07 <andrewbogott> cleared out old /tmp and /var/log files on tools-sgebastion-07 [tools]
2020-02-05 §
11:22 <arturo> restarting ferm fleet-wide to account for prometheus servers changed IP (but same hostname) (T238096) [tools]
2020-02-04 §
11:38 <arturo> start again tools-prometheus-01 again to sync data to the new tools-prometheus-03/04 VMs (T238096) [tools]
11:37 <arturo> re-create tools-prometheus-03/04 as 'bigdisk2' instances (300GB) T238096 [tools]
2020-02-03 §
14:12 <arturo> move tools-prometheus-04 from cloudvirt1022 to cloudvirt1013 [tools]
12:48 <arturo> shutdown tools-prometheus-01 and tools-prometheus-02, after fixing the proxy `tools-prometheus.wmflabs.org` to tools-prometheus-03, data synced (T238096) [tools]
09:38 <arturo> tools-prometheus-01: systemctl stop prometheus@tools. Another try to migrate data to tools-prometheus-{03,04} (T238096) [tools]
2020-01-31 §
14:05 <arturo> leave tools-prometheus-01 as the backend for tools-prometheus.wmflabs.org for the weekend so grafana dashboards keep working (T238096) [tools]
14:00 <arturo> syncing again prometheus data from tools-prometheus-01 to tools-prometheus-0{3,4} due to some inconsistencies preventing prometheus from starting (T238096) [tools]
2020-01-30 §
21:04 <andrewbogott> also apt-get install python3-novaclient on tools-prometheus-03 and tools-prometheus-04 to suppress cronspam. Possible real fix for this is https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/operations/puppet/+/569084/ [tools]
20:39 <andrewbogott> apt-get install python3-keystoneclient on tools-prometheus-03 and tools-prometheus-04 to suppress cronspam. Possible real fix for this is https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/operations/puppet/+/569084/ [tools]
16:27 <arturo> create VM tools-prometheus-04 as cold standby of tools-prometheus-03 (T238096) [tools]
16:25 <arturo> point tools-prometheus.wmflabs.org proxy to tools-prometheus-03 (T238096) [tools]
13:42 <arturo> disable puppet in prometheus servers while syncing metric data (T238096) [tools]
13:14 <arturo> drop floating IP and FQDN `prometheus.tools.wmcloud.org` because this is not how the prometheus setup is right now. Use a web proxy instead `tools-prometheus-new.wmflabs.org` (T238096) [tools]
13:09 <arturo> created FQDN `prometheus.tools.wmcloud.org` pointing to IPv4 (tools-prometheus-03) to test T238096 [tools]
12:59 <arturo> associated floating IPv4 to tools-prometheus-03 (T238096) [tools]
12:57 <arturo> created domain `tools.wmcloud.org` in the tools project after some back and forth with designated, permissions and the database. I plan to use this domain to test the new Debian Buster-based prometheus setup (T238096) [tools]
10:20 <arturo> create new VM instance tools-prometheus-03 (T238096) [tools]
2020-01-29 §
20:07 <bd808> Created {bastion,login,dev}.toolforge.org service names for Toolforge bastions using Horizon & Designate [tools]
2020-01-28 §
13:35 <arturo> `aborrero@tools-clushmaster-02:~$ clush -w @exec-stretch 'for i in $(ps aux | grep [t]ools.j | awk -F" " "{print \$2}") ; do echo "killing $i" ; sudo kill $i ; done || true'` (T243831) [tools]
2020-01-27 §
07:05 <zhuyifei1999_> wrong package. uninstalled. the correct one is bpfcc-tools and seems only available in buster+. T115231 [tools]
07:01 <zhuyifei1999_> apt installing bcc on tools-worker-1037 to see who is sending SIGTERM, will uninstall after done. dependency: bin86. T115231 [tools]
2020-01-24 §
20:58 <bd808> Built tools-k8s-worker-21 to test out build script following openstack client upgrade [tools]
15:45 <bd808> Rebuilding all Docker containers again because I failed to actually update the build server git clone properly last time I did this [tools]