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2021-09-10 §
12:00 <arturo> shutdown tools-package-builder-03 (buster), leave -04 online (bullseye) [tools]
09:35 <arturo> live-hacking tools puppetmaster with a couple of ops/puppet changes [tools]
07:54 <arturo> created bullseye VM tools-package-builder-04 (T273942) [tools]
2021-09-09 §
16:20 <arturo> 70017ec0ac root@tools-k8s-control-3:~# kubectl apply -f /etc/kubernetes/psp/base-pod-security-policies.yaml [tools]
2021-09-07 §
15:27 <majavah> rolling out python3-prometheus-client updates [tools]
14:41 <majavah> manually removing some absented but still present crontabs to stop root@ spam [tools]
2021-09-06 §
16:31 <arturo> deploying jobs-framework-cli v4 [tools]
16:22 <arturo> deploying jobs-framework-api 3228d97 [tools]
2021-09-03 §
22:36 <bstorm> backfilling quotas in screen for T286784 [tools]
12:49 <majavah> deploying new tools-manifest version [tools]
2021-09-02 §
01:02 <bstorm> deployed new version of maintain-kubeusers with new count quotas for new tools T286784 [tools]
2021-08-20 §
19:10 <majavah> rebuilding node12-sssd/{base,web} to use debian packaged npm 7 [tools]
18:42 <majavah> rebuilding php74-sssd/{base,web} to use composer 2 [tools]
2021-08-18 §
21:32 <bstorm> rebooted tools-sgecron-01 due to a ram filling up and killing everything [tools]
16:34 <bstorm> deleting the sssd cache on tools-sgecron-01 to fix a peculiar passwd db issue [tools]
2021-08-16 §
17:00 <majavah> remove and re-add toollabs-webservice 0.75 on stretch-toolsbeta repository [tools]
15:45 <majavah> reset sul account mapping on striker for developer account "DutchTom" T288969 [tools]
14:19 <majavah> building node12 images - T284590 T243159 [tools]
2021-08-15 §
17:30 <majavah> deploying update jobs-framework-api container list to include bullseye images [tools]
17:21 <majavah> finished initial build of images: php74, jdk17, python39, ruby27 - T284590 [tools]
16:51 <majavah> starting build of initial bullseye based images - T284590 [tools]
16:44 <majavah> tagged and building toollabs-webservice 0.76 with bullseye images defined T284590 [tools]
15:14 <majavah> building tools-webservice 0.74 (currently live version) to bullseye-tools and bullseye-toolsbeta [tools]
2021-08-12 §
16:59 <bstorm> deployed updated manifest for ingress-admission [tools]
16:45 <bstorm> restarted ingress admission pods in tools after testing in toolsbeta [tools]
16:27 <bstorm> updated the docker image for docker-registry.tools.wmflabs.org/ingress-admission:latest [tools]
16:22 <bstorm> rebooting tools-docker-registry-05 after exchanging uids for puppet and docker-registry [tools]
2021-08-07 §
05:59 <majavah> restart nginx on toolserver-proxy-01 if that helps with flapping icinga certificate expiry check [tools]
2021-08-06 §
16:16 <bstorm> failed over to tools-docker-registry-06 (which has more space) T288229 [tools]
00:42 <bstorm> set up sync between the new registry host and the existing one T288229 [tools]
00:21 <bstorm> provisioning second docker registry server to rsync to (120GB disk and fairly large server) T288229 [tools]
2021-08-05 §
23:50 <bstorm> rebooting the docker registry T288229 [tools]
23:04 <bstorm> extended docker registry volume to 120GB T288229 [tools]
2021-07-29 §
18:04 <majavah> reset sul account mapping on striker for developer account "Derek Zax" T287369 [tools]
2021-07-28 §
21:33 <majavah> add mdipietro as projectadmin and to sudo policy T287287 [tools]
2021-07-27 §
16:20 <bstorm> built new php images with python2 on board T287421 [tools]
00:04 <bstorm> deploy a version of the php3.7 web image that includes the python2 package with tag :testing T287421 [tools]
2021-07-26 §
17:37 <bstorm> repooled the whole set of ingress workers after upgrades T280340 [tools]
16:37 <bstorm> removing tools-k8s-ingress-4 from active ingress nodes at the proxy T280340 [tools]
2021-07-23 §
07:15 <majavah> restart nginx on tools-static-14 to see if it helps with fontcdn issues [tools]
2021-07-22 §
23:35 <bstorm> deleted tools-sgebastion-09 since it has been shut off since March anyway [tools]
15:32 <arturo> re-deploying toolforge-jobs-framework-api [tools]
15:30 <arturo> pushed new docker image on the registry for toolforge-jobs-framework-api 4d8235b879adbac9122a968b4335cf2bafee2b61 (T287077) [tools]
2021-07-21 §
20:01 <bstorm> deployed new maintain-kubeusers to toolforge T285011 [tools]
19:55 <bstorm> deployed new rbac for maintain-kubeusers changes T285011 [tools]
17:10 <majavah> deploying calico v3.18.4 T280342 [tools]
14:35 <majavah> updating systemd on toolforge stretch bastions T287036 [tools]
11:59 <arturo> deploying jobs-framework-api 07346d715d17585db9c16dd152cc91ef0bea33c3 (T286108) [tools]
11:04 <arturo> enabling TTLAfterFinished feature gate on kubeadm live configmap (T286108) [tools]
11:01 <arturo> enabling TTLAfterFinished feature gate on static pod manifests on /etc/kubernetes/manifests/kube-{apiserver,controller-manager}.yaml in all 3 control nodes (T286108) [tools]