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2019-10-08 §
10:58 <arturo> remove my own project membership (user & projectadmin) [wikibase-registry]
2019-01-07 §
18:09 <addshore> root@wbregistry-01:~/wikibase-registry# docker-compose up -d wdqs-frontend [wikibase-registry]
18:06 <addshore> root@wbregistry-01:~/wikibase-registry# docker pull wikibase/wdqs-frontend:latest [wikibase-registry]
18:00 <addshore> Added HOST env vars for wdqs-frontend (needed by new image) [wikibase-registry]
17:48 <addshore> root@wbregistry-01:~/wikibase-registry# docker pull wikibase/wdqs-frontend:latest [wikibase-registry]
2018-06-18 §
07:45 <tarrow> Ran update.php to fix problems adding references [wikibase-registry]
2018-06-08 §
08:31 <addshore> All fixed [wikibase-registry]
08:31 <addshore> docker-compose restart wdqs-frontend [wikibase-registry]
08:31 <addshore> docker-compose restart wdqs-proxy [wikibase-registry]
08:30 <addshore> query service or something seems down [wikibase-registry]
2018-05-30 §
19:32 <addshore> ran php removeUnusedAccounts.php --ignore-touched=0 // and deleted 498 accounts... [wikibase-registry]
19:29 <addshore> ran php removeUnusedAccounts.php // and deleted 1049 accounts... [wikibase-registry]
19:29 <addshore> php ./deleteArchivedRevisions.php --delete // 3358 revisions deleted [wikibase-registry]
19:22 <addshore> ran php removeUnusedAccounts.php and deleted 37 accounts... [wikibase-registry]
18:55 <addshore> Reloaded wikibase for $wgUseInstantCommons = true T193876 [wikibase-registry]
18:43 <addshore> /var/www/html php ./maintenance/deleteBatch.php /misc-mounted/spam_user_pages [wikibase-registry]
18:42 <addshore> /var/www/html php ./maintenance/deleteBatch.php /misc-mounted/spam_pages [wikibase-registry]
18:03 <addshore> clone and mount the ConfirmEdit extension into wikibase service and configure and restart - T194664 [wikibase-registry]
17:52 <addshore> clone and mount the Nuke extension into wikibase service and restart T195725 [wikibase-registry]
17:23 <addshore> Disabled write / edit right for anons [wikibase-registry]
17:11 <addshore> wbregistry-01:~/wikibase-registry# docker-compose start wdqs-updater // as it stopped while wikibase was down [wikibase-registry]
17:10 <addshore> use "wikibase/wikibase:1.30-bundle" for wikibase service (no extra extensions are loaded as this is a manual LocalSettings.php now) [wikibase-registry]
17:04 <addshore> Reload "wikibase" using local LocalSettings.php file [wikibase-registry]
16:55 <addshore> add restart: always to all services [wikibase-registry]
16:47 <addshore> docker pull wikibase/wikibase [wikibase-registry]
16:47 <addshore> ran backups for mysql and wdqs volumes (wdqs one looks very worryingly small) [wikibase-registry]
16:46 <addshore> test [wikibase-registry]
2018-05-15 §
15:41 <Lucas_WMDE> sed -i '/wgRCMaxAge/ { s/^/# /; s/$/ # temporarily removed by Lucas, see T193021/; }' LocalSettings.php [wikibase-registry]