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2015-12-30 §
11:31 <YuviPanda> restarted uwsgi on wikilabels-01 [wikilabels]
2015-09-21 §
17:29 <halfak> deployed wikilabels:4a1d11d (recovers from database connection losses) [wikilabels]
2015-09-07 §
21:07 <halfak> deployed wikilabels:f810194 and wikilabels-wikimedia-config:d5f59ce [wikilabels]
2015-08-25 §
18:11 <YuviPanda> restarted uwsgi server on wikilabels-01 [wikilabels]
2015-08-07 §
07:18 <valhallasw`cloud> added marker to get labs-morebots to work again [wikilabels]
2015-08-06 §
23:28 <madhuvishy> deleted temp labels-new proxy from project wikilabels [wikilabels]
23:27 <madhuvishy> deleted labels proxy from old project, created in project wikilabels [wikilabels]
22:58 <madhuvishy> migrated db from old wikilabels instance to labs pg store [wikilabels]
22:27 <madhuvishy> restarted uwsgi on server. created web proxy. labels-new.wmflabs.org is up now [wikilabels]
22:12 <madhuvishy> initialized server and db using fabric [wikilabels]
22:11 <YuviPanda> recreated u_wikilabels user and db [wikilabels]
21:35 <madhuvishy> added wikilabels-01 instance, puppet group [wikilabels]
21:34 <YuviPanda> created project, added madhuvishy and halfak as admins [wikilabels]