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2019-03-19 §
18:00 <Krenair> Removed old proxy-eqiad A record pointing at no-longer-used IP T218633 [wmflabsdotorg]
18:00 <Krenair> Updated m and www records to CNAME to proxy-eqiad1 instead of proxy-eqiad (which was an A record to a now unused IP), found in review at T218633 [wmflabsdotorg]
17:44 <Krenair> Deleted orphaned DNS records codesearch-sourcegraph1, migrat4-testone, migrat4-testtwo, sourcegraph1, sourcegraph11 T218633 [wmflabsdotorg]
03:02 <Krenair> Update wmflabs.org A record itself to point at eqiad1-r proxy IP which appears to be redirecting it properly - old main region IP no longer responding [wmflabsdotorg]
2019-03-08 §
00:30 <bd808> Updated DNS to make tools-dev.wmflabs.org a CNAME of stretch-dev.tools.wmflabs.org [wmflabsdotorg]
2019-03-07 §
23:37 <bd808> Updated DNS to make tools-login.wmflabs.org a CNAME of login.tools.wmflabs.org [wmflabsdotorg]
2018-11-02 §
20:12 <Krenair> Updated TXT record for T208281 - just added the new mx-out IPs [wmflabsdotorg]
2018-09-25 §
17:09 <andrewbogott> giving novaadmin the 'admin' role on this project. This is needed to create domains until we have a version of designateclient that sudo-project-id [wmflabsdotorg]
2018-03-06 §
19:04 <bd808> Added BryanDavis (self) as project admin [wmflabsdotorg]