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2019-03-02 §
18:55 <framawiki> block spammer https://quarry.wmflabs.org/Twc93521 `INSERT INTO user_group (user_id, group_name) VALUES (3734, "blocked");` [quarry]
2019-02-21 §
09:29 <gtirloni> applied CSP change T214637 [quarry]
09:22 <gtirloni> updated and rebooted all servers (debian 9.8) [quarry]
2019-02-20 §
20:59 <wm-bot> framawiki: Deployed 8f72587 on -web-01 T216581 [quarry]
20:38 <framawiki> re-activating puppet on -web-01, csp conf looks good T214637 [quarry]
20:15 <framawiki> disabling puppet temporary on -web-01 to test csp conf T214637 [quarry]
2019-02-18 §
21:48 <framawiki> Deployed 6bda39e on -web-01 T215831 [quarry]
2018-12-24 §
21:40 <zhuyifei1999_> Deployed 2a51a54 on -web-01 T212598 [quarry]
2018-12-02 §
21:37 <zhuyifei1999_> deployed till f9ad985 [quarry]
09:35 <framawiki> deployed 575fc1c T209783 and 06a1f9f T205151 on quarry-web-01 [quarry]
2018-11-27 §
18:54 <zhuyifei1999_> triggered OOM killer on quarry-worker-02 9 times T188564 [quarry]
2018-11-16 §
19:09 <framawiki> deployed 4f0b830 to quarry-web-01 T71264 [quarry]
2018-11-12 §
20:37 <framawiki> deployed till ed511d1 on quarry-web-01 T205222 T205221 [quarry]
2018-11-05 §
18:49 <zhuyifei1999_> `UPDATE query join query_revision on query.latest_rev_id = query_revision.id join query_run on latest_run_id = query_run.id SET status=1 where (status = 2 or status = 0) and query_run.timestamp <= DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL -30 MINUTE);` 286 rows affected. [quarry]
18:43 <framawiki> migration is over T207677 [quarry]
18:33 <zhuyifei1999_> flushed redis with flushall [quarry]
18:22 <zhuyifei1999_> unset db read-only `SET GLOBAL read_only = 0; UNLOCK TABLES;` T207677 [quarry]
18:01 <andrewbogott> moving instances from eqiad to eqiad1-r [quarry]
17:40 <zhuyifei1999_> set db read-only `FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK; SET GLOBAL read_only = 1;` T207677 [quarry]
17:24 <zhuyifei1999_> shutting down all workers `sudo kill -TERM $(systemctl show -p MainPID celery-quarry-worker.service | cut -d= -f2)` T207677 [quarry]
2018-11-04 §
22:24 <zhuyifei1999_> checked out FETCH_HEAD 8c065d0, previous head was 71643b6 on quarry-web-01 [quarry]
17:37 <framawiki> deployed c10fc32 and 71643b6 on quarry-web-01 [quarry]
2018-10-21 §
16:19 <zhuyifei1999_> deployed 99db770 to workers T126888 [quarry]
2018-10-15 §
18:52 <framawiki> deployed c1dfde7 on quarry-web-01, quarry-worker-0{1,2} T126888 [quarry]
2018-10-06 §
16:30 <framawiki> deployed 8550956 on quarry-web-01 [quarry]
2018-09-26 §
13:24 <zhuyifei1999_> restarted mariadb on -db-01 after max_allowed_packet fix [quarry]
2018-09-25 §
12:09 <arturo> make myself projectadmin [quarry]
2018-09-24 §
22:33 <framawiki> manually clear queries and resultsets where userid=3214 T205286 [quarry]
22:31 <framawiki> `update query_run set status=3 where id=290865;` on quarry-db-01 to mark a ghost query as killed on the ui [quarry]
21:50 <framawiki> `select * from query_run where id=290865;` on quarry-db-01 to mark a ghost query as killed on the ui [quarry]
17:54 <framawiki> quarry-db-01: `INSERT INTO user_group (user_id, group_name) VALUES (3214, "blocked");` T205286 [quarry]
17:53 <framawiki> deployed 028a292 on quarry-web-01 T205286 T104322 [quarry]
2018-09-23 §
16:56 <zhuyifei1999_> deployed till e74f575 on -web-01, T202588 T205153 [quarry]
2018-09-21 §
19:29 <framawiki> deployed 4b01077 on quarry-web-01 T204964 [quarry]
2018-09-19 §
16:57 <framawiki> deployed 4994570 to quarry-web-01 T204805 [quarry]
2018-09-17 §
20:06 <framawiki> deployed till e59152e T192696 T204432 T204226 T204430 to quarry-web-01 [quarry]
17:40 <framawiki> deployed e8e6e02 to quarry-web-01 T73064 [quarry]
2018-09-16 §
16:28 <zhuyifei1999_> Deployed till 2081a97 on -web-01 T204435 [quarry]
2018-09-13 §
22:09 <zhuyifei1999_> purging stuffs created by labs_debrepo T153615 [quarry]
21:40 <zhuyifei1999_> deployed 8b4bde0 to quarry-web-01 T204277 [quarry]
19:19 <framawiki> deleted legacy instances quarry-main-01 and quarry-runner-0{1,2}, migration is over T202588 [quarry]
19:10 <framawiki> copy /var/log/nginx from legacy main-01 to /data/project/nginx-logs-legacy-20180913-framawiki for further analysis T202588 T197256 [quarry]
2018-09-12 §
21:21 <zhuyifei1999_> unset read-only again on new database [quarry]
21:15 <zhuyifei1999_> `sudo chown quarry:quarry /data/project/quarry/ -Rv` T202588 [quarry]
21:13 <zhuyifei1999_> set read-only again on new database because new quarry's UID is 498 T202588 [quarry]
21:10 <zhuyifei1999_> unset read-only again on new database [quarry]
21:09 <zhuyifei1999_> rm'ed /var/lib/mysql on -db-01, we are using /srv/sqldata/ now, and if something goes really better have a loud failure [quarry]
21:03 <zhuyifei1999_> deployed 8b4bde0 to -web-01 T204161 [quarry]
21:01 <zhuyifei1999_> deployed 461e56c [quarry]
20:45 <zhuyifei1999_> set read-only again on new database due to a bug in worker code [quarry]