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2020-08-06 §
21:02 <andrewbogott> removing cloudvirt1004/1006 from nova's list of hypervisors; rebuilding them to use as backup test hosts [admin]
20:06 <bstorm> manually stopped the RAID check on cloudcontrol1003 T259760 [admin]
2020-08-04 §
18:54 <bstorm> restarting mariadb on cloudcontrol1004 to setup parallel replication [admin]
2020-08-03 §
17:02 <bstorm> increased db connection limit to 800 across galera cluster because we were clearly hovering at limit [admin]
2020-07-31 §
19:28 <bd808> wmcs-novastats-dnsleaks --delete (lots of leaked fullstack-monitoring records to clean up) [admin]
2020-07-27 §
22:17 <andrewbogott> ceph osd pool set compute pg_num 2048 [admin]
22:14 <andrewbogott> ceph osd pool set compute pg_autoscale_mode off [admin]
2020-07-24 §
19:15 <andrewbogott> ceph mgr module enable pg_autoscaler [admin]
19:15 <andrewbogott> ceph osd pool set compute pg_autoscale_mode on [admin]
2020-07-22 §
08:55 <jbond42> [codfw1dev] upgrading hiera to version5 [admin]
08:48 <arturo> [codfw1dev] add jbond as user in the bastion-codfw1dev and cloudinfra-codfw1dev projects [admin]
08:45 <arturo> [codfw1dev] enabled account creation in labtestwiki briefly for jbond42 to create an account [admin]
2020-07-16 §
10:48 <arturo> merging change to neutron dmz_cidr https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/613123 (T257534) [admin]
2020-07-15 §
23:15 <bd808> Removed Merlijn van Deen from toollabs-trusted Gerrit group (T255697) [admin]
11:48 <arturo> [codfw1dev] created DNS records (A and PTR) for bastion.bastioninfra-codfw1dev.codfw1dev.wmcloud.org <-> [admin]
11:41 <arturo> [codfw1dev] add myself as projectadmin to the `bastioninfra-codfw1dev` project [admin]
11:39 <arturo> [codfw1dev] created DNS zone `bastioninfra-codfw1dev.codfw1dev.wmcloud.org.` in the cloudinfra-codfw1dev project and then transfer ownership to the bastioninfra-codfw1dev project [admin]
2020-07-14 §
15:19 <arturo> briefly set root@cloudnet1003:~ # sysctl net.ipv4.conf.all.accept_local=1 (in neutron qrouter netns) (T257534) [admin]
10:43 <arturo> icinga downtime cloudnet* hosts for 30 mins to introduce new check https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/operations/puppet/+/612390 (T257552) [admin]
04:01 <andrewbogott> added a wildcard *.wmflabs.org domain pointing at the domain proxy in project-proxy [admin]
04:00 <andrewbogott> shortened the ttl on .wmflabs.org. to 300 [admin]
2020-07-13 §
16:17 <arturo> icinga downtime cloudcontrol[1003-1005].wikimedia.org for 1h for galera database movements [admin]
2020-07-12 §
17:39 <andrewbogott> switched eqiad1 keystone from m5 to cloudcontrol galera [admin]
2020-07-10 §
20:26 <andrewbogott> disabling nova api to move database to galera [admin]
2020-07-09 §
11:23 <arturo> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudnet2003-dev again for testing sysct/puppet behavior (T257552) [admin]
11:11 <arturo> [codfw1dev] rebooting cloudnet2003-dev for testing sysct/puppet behavior (T257552) [admin]
09:16 <arturo> manually increasing sysctl value of net.nf_conntrack_max in cloudnet servers (T257552) [admin]
2020-07-06 §
15:16 <arturo> installing 'aptitude' in all cloudvirts [admin]
2020-07-03 §
12:51 <arturo> [codfw1dev] galera cluster should be up and running, openstack happy (T256283) [admin]
11:44 <arturo> [codfw1dev] restoring glance database backup from bacula into cloudcontrol2001-dev (T256283) [admin]
11:39 <arturo> [codfw1dev] stopped mysql database in the galera cluster T256283 [admin]
11:36 <arturo> [codfw1dev] dropped glance database in the galera cluster T256283 [admin]
2020-07-02 §
15:41 <arturo> `sudo wmcs-openstack --os-compute-api-version 2.55 flavor create --private --vcpus 8 --disk 300 --ram 16384 --property aggregate_instance_extra_specs:ceph=true --description "for packaging envoy" bigdisk-ceph` (T256983) [admin]
2020-06-29 §
14:24 <arturo> starting rabbitmq-server in all 3 cloudcontrol servers [admin]
14:23 <arturo> stopping rabbitmq-server in all 3 cloudcontrol servers [admin]
2020-06-18 §
20:38 <andrewbogott> rebooting cloudservices2003-dev due to a mysterious 'host down' alert on a secondary ip [admin]
2020-06-16 §
15:38 <arturo> created by hand neutron port 9c0a9a13-e409-49de-9ba3-bc8ec4801dbf `paws-haproxy-vip` (T295217) [admin]
2020-06-12 §
13:23 <arturo> DNS zone `paws.wmcloud.org` transferred to the PAWS project (T195217) [admin]
13:20 <arturo> created DNS zone `paws.wmcloud.org` (T195217) [admin]
2020-06-11 §
19:19 <bstorm_> proceeding with failback to labstore1004 now that DRBD devices are consistent T224582 [admin]
17:22 <bstorm_> delaying failback labstore1004 for drive syncs T224582 [admin]
17:17 <bstorm_> failing NFS back to labstore1004 to complete the upgrade process T224582 [admin]
16:15 <bstorm_> failing over NFS for labstore1004 to labstore1005 T224582 [admin]
2020-06-10 §
16:09 <andrewbogott> deleting all old cloud-ns0.wikimedia.org and cloud-ns1.wikimedia.org ns records in designate database T254496 [admin]
2020-06-09 §
15:25 <arturo> icinga downtime everything cloud* lab* for 2h more (T253780) [admin]
14:09 <andrewbogott> stopping puppet, all designate services and all pdns services on cloudservices1004 for T253780 [admin]
14:01 <arturo> icinga downtime everything cloud* lab* for 2h (T253780) [admin]
2020-06-05 §
15:08 <andrewbogott> trying to re-enable puppet without losing cumin contact, as per https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T254589 [admin]
2020-06-04 §
14:24 <andrewbogott> disabling puppet on all instances for /labs/private recovery [admin]
14:23 <arturo> disabling puppet on all instances for /labs/private recovery [admin]