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2022-06-07 §
12:17 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-misc deleted wdq-ui.wmflabs.org proxy, I suspect it’s been broken since at least October 2019 [wikidata-dev]
2021-09-29 §
11:52 <Lucas_WMDE> fedprops-euspecies deleted unused instance [wikidata-dev]
2021-08-11 §
14:20 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile configured mediawiki-runJobs.service to restart itself frequently to pick up LocalSettings.php changes [wikidata-dev]
2021-07-27 §
16:31 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile created instance, installed MediaWiki (using in-VM MariaDB, not the cool new Cloud VPS database thing) [wikidata-dev]
15:40 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile deleted instance [wikidata-dev]
12:47 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile Edited the mediawiki user’s crontab to disable all automatic updates (T287459, T286292) [wikidata-dev]
2021-06-04 §
15:00 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: ran `git gc --prune=now` in mw and wb and switched WikibaseReconcileEdit back to main [wikidata-dev]
2021-05-19 §
10:22 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: fixed the Ansible setup; added wikibase-reconcile-testing.wmcloud.org proxy [wikidata-dev]
09:53 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: installed MediaWiki + WikibaseReconcileEdit with Ansible; no HTTP server running yet AFAICT [wikidata-dev]
09:44 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: created instance [wikidata-dev]
2021-05-18 §
16:19 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: deleted instance again [wikidata-dev]
16:07 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: recreated instance [wikidata-dev]
15:45 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: deleted instance, waiting a bit before recreating it again [wikidata-dev]
15:42 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: deleted and recreated instance, I couldn’t ssh into the rebuilt one [wikidata-dev]
15:34 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: rebuild instance (ansible setup worked reasonably well but installed a query service which required lots of RAM and was presumably the cause for kswapd0 using 99.9% CPU; try again without blazegraph) [wikidata-dev]
08:49 <Lucas_WMDE> wb-reconcile: created instance [wikidata-dev]
2020-10-30 §
18:33 <andrewbogott> truncating /var/lib/docker/containers/00a5169f547721a9e3dd2efa59141be77c923921de3274d15fbd55f40e504f90/00a5169f547721a9e3dd2efa59141be77c923921de3274d15fbd55f40e504f90-json.log on ffedprops-opennext; that file was as big as the whole hard drive [wikidata-dev]
2020-08-06 §
14:15 <addshore> ansible-playbook fedProps.yml --limit fedprops-opennext.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs # T259782 [wikidata-dev]
14:15 <addshore> ansible-playbook fedProps.yml --limit fedprops-euspecies.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs # T259782 [wikidata-dev]
10:52 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-federated-properties `ansible-playbook fedProps.yml --limit wikidata-federated-properties.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs` (relog with T259782) [wikidata-dev]
10:50 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-federated-properties `ansible-playbook fedProps.yml --limit wikidata-federated-properties.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs` [wikidata-dev]
2020-07-31 §
15:27 <Lucas_WMDE> queripulator change queripulator-update.timer to weekly [wikidata-dev]
2020-07-27 §
10:14 <Lucas_WMDE> queripulator deployed queripulator in /srv/queripulator, auto-updating through systemd timer [wikidata-dev]
09:46 <Lucas_WMDE> queripulator sudo apt install nodejs npm [wikidata-dev]
2020-01-14 §
02:22 <andrewbogott> rebooting wikidata-lexeme-lua to resolve hangs associated with an old NFS failure [wikidata-dev]
2019-12-18 §
19:47 <Amir1> hard reboot of wikidata-misc to test recovering from crashes T235069 [wikidata-dev]
2019-11-13 §
12:27 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua installed UniversalLanguageSelector and cldr extensions [wikidata-dev]
2019-11-12 §
17:35 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua added short URL setup [wikidata-dev]
17:19 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua installed MediaWiki, Wikibase{,Lexeme}, Scribunto manually [wikidata-dev]
16:59 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua created proxy [wikidata-dev]
16:32 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua deleted proxy, looks like docker-compose won’t work out [wikidata-dev]
15:53 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua created proxy [wikidata-dev]
15:53 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua set up wikibase-docker [wikidata-dev]
15:51 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme delete proxy # T213913 (now with 100% more correct instance name) [wikidata-dev]
15:51 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lelxeme delete proxy # T213913 [wikidata-dev]
15:47 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua sudo apt install docker{.io,-compose} git [wikidata-dev]
15:37 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua recreated instance using m1.large for more RAM [wikidata-dev]
15:31 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-lexeme-lua created instance [wikidata-dev]
2019-10-11 §
18:24 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-shex deleted instance (T234313) [wikidata-dev]
2019-10-02 §
15:38 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-shex deleted proxy (T234313) [wikidata-dev]
15:22 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-shex add 'WikibaseSchema' => 'JsonContextHandler' to $wgContentHandlers so the wiki can be exported for T234313 without encountering “unknown content model” errors [wikidata-dev]
11:23 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-constraints deleted instance (T234312) [wikidata-dev]
2019-10-01 §
18:13 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-constraints deleted proxy (T234312) [wikidata-dev]
2019-08-02 §
13:04 <Lucas_WMDE> federated-wikis2 instance deleted (T229411) [wikidata-dev]
12:55 <Lucas_WMDE> federated-wikis instance deleted (T229411) [wikidata-dev]
2019-06-11 §
14:01 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-new-wbterm set tmpItemTermsTwoMillionMigrationStage to MIGRATION_WRITE_BOTH [wikidata-dev]
13:54 <Lucas_WMDE> wikidata-new-wbterm updated core to e516669a9e and Wikibase to 4a32bd435d [wikidata-dev]
2019-06-07 §
17:34 <Lucas_WMDE> wikibase-test-T225312 deleted instance (test over) [wikidata-dev]
17:21 <Lucas_WMDE> wikibase-test-T225312 sudo a2ensite 50-wikiba-se.conf [wikidata-dev]
17:15 <Lucas_WMDE> wikibase-test-T225312 added proxy [wikidata-dev]