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2011-11-16 §
21:45 <cmjohnson1> sq86 shutdown [production]
21:16 <cmjohnson1> sq85 shutdown [production]
20:55 <cmjohnson1> shutdown sq84 [production]
20:26 <cmjohnson1> shutdown sq83 [production]
19:48 <Ryan_Lane> shut down sq82 [production]
19:39 <maplebed> grew xfs on ms5 by 2T to get some breathing room [production]
19:30 <cmjohnson1> sq81 down for rack relocation [production]
18:19 <awjr> Increasing donatinos queue consumption script frequency to run every 2 mins rather than 3 mins via Jenkins on aluminium [production]
16:26 <mutante> fixed permissions on nagios external command file (RT #1994) [production]
16:12 <RobH> dns updated for db48-db58 (both mgmt and production) [production]
15:39 <mutante> srv180 - powered down, was offline with disk fail anyways, created RT 1993 [production]
13:36 <mutante> argon - dpkg errors processing mysql-client pkg upgrade [production]
13:33 <mutante> argon - dist-upgrade/kernel,reboot (unused limesurvey box) [production]
04:12 <awjr> synchronizing payments cluster, [[rev:103293|r103293]] [production]
03:18 <asher> synchronized wmf-config/db.php 'adding db19 to s2, running new mysql build' [production]
02:24 <LocalisationUpdate> completed (1.18) at Wed Nov 16 02:27:02 UTC 2011 [production]
01:57 <LocalisationUpdate> failed [production]
01:48 <^demon> leaving a git svn test running in a screen on formey. Should be fine, but feel free to kill it if svn.wm.o explodes. [production]
00:43 <asher> synchronized wmf-config/db.php 'putting db11 (s3) into rotation with new mysql build' [production]
00:27 <Tim> on srv255: ran manual sync-common and puppetd -tv [production]
00:19 <tstarling> rebuilt wikiversions.cdb and synchronized wikiversions files: [production]
00:18 <Tim> rebooting srv255, has been in swapdeath for a week, no response on serial console [production]
00:12 <tstarling> synchronizing Wikimedia installation... : [production]
00:05 <tstarling> synchronized php-1.18/README 'sync test' [production]
00:01 <binasher> rebooting db11 to new kernel (it's out of rotation) [production]
2011-11-15 §
23:50 <awjr> synchronizing payments cluster to [[rev:103267|r103267]] [production]
23:48 <neilk> rebuilt wikiversions.cdb and synchronized wikiversions files: [production]
23:35 <neilk> synchronizing Wikimedia installation... : renabling multi-file select for UploadWizard on Commons, quashing some bugs with UploadStash [production]
23:31 <maplebed> imported packages for swift to our repository: swift, swift-*, python-swift, python-eventlet, python-greenlet, python-webob [production]
22:44 <reedy> synchronizing Wikimedia installation... : [production]
22:44 <reedy> rebuilt wikiversions.cdb and synchronized wikiversions files: [production]
22:44 <reedy> synchronizing Wikimedia installation... : [production]
22:34 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'Test (no changes)' [production]
22:22 <reedy> rebuilt wikiversions.cdb and synchronized wikiversions files: [production]
22:08 <reedy> synchronizing Wikimedia installation... : Pushing [[rev:103242|r103242]] for mathsy updates [production]
21:58 <notpeter> can't pop a shell on searchidx2 via ssh or ipmi rebooting [production]
21:12 <catrope> synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php 'Comment out the account creation throttle hack for the Serbia event. Leaving it in as a comment so it can be used as a boilerplate for a next time' [production]
19:39 <awjr> updating frequency of donations queue consumption from every 5mins to 3mins in jenkins on aluminium [production]
18:35 <LeslieCarr> hostway transit moved [production]
18:20 <LeslieCarr> moving hostway transit from csw5-pmtpa to cr2-pmtpa [production]
16:57 <mark> shutting down sq80 for relocation [production]
16:43 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/resources/jquery/jquery.textSelection.js '[[rev:103192|r103192]]' [production]
16:37 <reedy> synchronized php-1.18/extensions/FlaggedRevs/presentation/FlaggedPageView.php '[[rev:103191|r103191]]' [production]
16:14 <Jeff_Green> testing passive-checks config on nagios [production]
15:48 <mark> Converted eth0 to aggregated bond0 on sq69 [production]
15:12 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 31842 - Change of namespace names in Old Church Slavonic Wikipedia' [production]
14:49 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 32119 - Change the diacritics in the namespaces at ro.wikinews' [production]
14:41 <reedy> synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php 'Bug 32145 - Namespaces/Aliases for Wikipedia, Project and Portal namespace in Assamese wikipedia' [production]
14:31 <mutante> commented cronjob on locke, user nobody, that shipped aggregations to dammit.lt and got connection refused [production]
14:07 <mark> Shutting down sq75-78 for relocation [production]